Godsmack Albums

  • The Oracle Album (5/4/2010)
    Crying Like A Bitch
    Saints And Sinners
    War And Peace
    What If
    Devil's Swing
    Good Day To Die
    Forever Shamed
    Shadow Of A Soul
    Bonus Tracks
    Whiskey Hangover
    I Blame You
    The Departed

  • Good Times, Bad Times - 10 Years Of Godsmack Album (12/4/2007)
    Good Times, Bad Times
    Keep Away
    Bad Religion
    I Stand Alone
    Straight Out of Line
    Running Blind
    Shine Down
    The Enemy

  • IV Album (4/25/2006)
    Livin' In Sin
    The Enemy
    Shine Down
    No Rest For The Wicked
    Bleeding Me
    Voodoo Too
    One Rainy Day

  • The Other Side Album (3/16/2004)
    Running Blind
    Keep Away

  • Faceless Album (4/7/2003)
  • Awake Album (10/31/2000)
  • All Wound Up Album (7/28/1998)
  • Godsmack Album (2/1/1997)

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    Reviews about Godsmack albums

    Good Times, Bad Times 10 years of Godsmack Review | Reviewer: Prakhar
        ------ About the album Good Times, Bad Times - 10 Years Of Godsmack performed by Godsmack

    I'm a diehard fan of Godsmack. It have cool, meaningful and mind blowing rock/ metal songs.
    I think that the album 'Good Times, Bad Times 10 years of Godsmack' is the best album of Godsmack as it is the collection of hit songs from Godsmack. :D The song I STAND ALONE and STRAIGHT OUT OF LINE got awards such as the best metal song of 2004. RUNNING BLIND and TOUCHE are my most favourite songs of Godsmack.
    Album is as cool as usual. Keep on the good work Sully...!

    Godsmack - Awake review | Reviewer: Prakhar
        ------ About the album Awake performed by Godsmack

    Godsmack is my most favourite rock/metal band. Its songs are mostly related to day-to-day and some common problems of life. Godsmack lyric comes to my heart.
    The album 'AWAKE' is having very good collection of meaningful songs. The title (song) SICK OF LIFE is simply related to a helpless person sufferings in life. It's a good and thought song. GREED, as the title suggests, is about human's greed. AWAKE is another good song by Godsmack.
    Overall, the album is ' Mind-Blasting ' only if you like hard rock and heavy metal songs just like me. :)

    all wound up | Reviewer: Dark Sky
        ------ About the album All Wound Up performed by Godsmack

    yes it DOES exist! it's their very FIRST cd they made it BEFORE they were signed to a label, they made it themselves (read the damned biography book) and sold them themselves, it's how they broke through!

    ekstream error | Reviewer: im norwegian
        ------ About the album All Wound Up performed by Godsmack

    this album ( All Wound Up)does not eksist.

    following track are from the following albums:

    Bad Religion from Godsmack
    Get Up, Get Out! from Godsmack
    Immune from Godsmack
    Keep Away from Godsmack
    MoonBaby from Godsmack
    Now Or Never from Godsmack
    Time Bomb from Godsmack
    Voodoo from Godsmack
    Goin' Down from Awake
    Situation and Stress do not eksist but there is a song called
    Stress Situation

    information taken from godsmacks offical website
    it might be that this is some wierd ture track but i cant find it.
    so as fare as i can see this album does not and has never eksisted.

    if anyone should have opposite information inform me

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