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Cramps Goddamn Rock 'N' Roll Lyrics

Last updated: 08/29/2003 09:24:00 PM

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i dig that goddamn rock n roll that kinda stuff that don't save souls, and i'm just horny enough to throw, a flying screw through some halo now jill's bucket jack had to hold, some rabbit dug himself some alice hole, humpty dunked it 'til he done explode, they did that god damned rock n roll [chorus:] the did that god damned rock n' roll - the kinda stuff that don't save souls - ain't nuthin' good about it that i know - yea i dig that goddamn rock 'n' roll now king tut put it on a chart, noah took two on his ark, even before van gogh had art, adam and eve did it in the park now these days 'bout all you got is bull, ya got yer rockheads and your croissant rolls, in days of old, though, when kinights were bold, they tied a sock around their jelly rol

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