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Morbid Angel God Of Emptiness Lyrics

Last updated: 03/29/2012 11:00:00 AM

Rise, and you'll fill their souls
With all the precious of this world,
And all the glory you'll receive?
So What makes you supreme?
Rise, and your crown is falling.
I offer fantasy, and you,
create the blind, with envy.

Let the children come to me
Their mother loves me, so shall they
Woman, bleeding, ate my gifts
Man was close behind
Just like a snake I'm slithering
Through my world divine
And like the cat I'm stalking
I'll take your soul and You'll
Be like me
In emptiness, free

Just bow to me faithfully
Bow to me splendidly

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The vampires and the society | Reviewer: Raúl B | 3/29/12

in this lyric tell about the mescaline, dmt, blahhhhhh, blahhhhhh and how the man whitout in this world and how this "drug" (fuck society) is the door to acquire the sapience.

Long live SATAN , jua jua jua

Let the children come to meeee | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/10

I don't think this song's about Satan. morbid angel has a liking for sumero-akkadian mythos (look into the amazing 10 minute epic Invocation of the Continual One), and the serpent in the garden was indeed a much older deity: Ningizzida.

Cool Song | Reviewer: Slimer | 10/29/10

Musically, this song may be slower than the usual metal mallarcky but dont be fooled cos this is far superior and it has a fantastic rhythmic groove! Lyrically, it is very clever! It makes reference to Adam and Eve but lets the listener interpret the message their own way - always best - and, in that way, enhances the overall message... which is scary but kind of enticing at the same time! It's a great song and worth 10/10 of anyone's worthless existence! :-)

Message | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/09

The message of this song is very clearly an attack directed at God and religion, which oppresses the masses with lies, and is revered as holy.

It seems to be written from the point of view of Satan, but this figure is perfectly interchangeable with any voice, being outside of God and Man ( It could be the voice of man's 2000 year old repressed subconsciousness perhaps).

Through the use of fantasy as metaphor, one can learn from life at a more natural level, rather than be bombarded with abstract values dictated by some God ( "lies" )

The second verse is about how humanity will be better off rejecting God, and living in the emptiness of freedom, hence being Gods in their own right.

The third verse mocks religion , which only demands worship to a self proclaimed god, and its followers who will forever bow to it.

Death | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/09

this song is pretty creepy, and it wouldnt be enjoyed by somebody who's cheery all the time like people who listen to rap and stuff, i very much enjoy this ong but i wish it wud have more to say but ok still

Far From Empty | Reviewer: Pepperami | 10/2/07

This is purely haunting.

'God Of Emptiness' by Mobrid Angel is like a creeping mass of ghosts on a journey through your mind. Every chord is far from anything that will cheer you up. It has a certain satisfaction to the song on the other hand. It perfectly accompanies the painful vocals in the verse.
The creepiest part of this song is the chorus. The death vocal talent is incredible and disturbing at the same time. It has an 'underwater' and evil feel to every word, but nevertheless makes the song an "epic of death".
Towards the end of the song comes the torturous echo of "Bow to me faithfully...". Dark and haunting.

If you like to hang around in cemetaries at midnight, this is for you.