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Jason Mraz God Moves Through You Lyrics

Last updated: 10/16/2012 01:18:14 PM

You were born together
And together you shall be forever
Until death should scatter
It won’t matter in the memories of God above
Let the wind of heaven dance between you two
Allowing time and space to bring you closer to everlasting love
What do you do?
When God moves through you

When love beckons
His ways are often hard and steep
When His wings enfold
You yield to all that it speaks
Though a sword it might be hidden there
Among His pinions oh you may wear
The wound that through it spoke to you
Believe in all that voice and follow
Follow on

Said it’s what do you do?
When God moves through you, yeah
And remember love possesses nothing
Nor would it ever be possessed
Oh yeah love is love sufficient unto love
And you can figure out the rest

Well your children will not be your children
They are the daughters, and the sons of the beginning
They will come through your womb
But not be coming from you
They will be with you, but they do not belong to you
You can give them your love but not your thoughts
For they’ll arrive with their own hearts
They’re the coming of angels this blessed season
And then they’ll sing oh how God rests in reason
God rests in reason
Is it reason enough to prove
How God moves through you
God rests in reason

And think not you can direct the course of love
Itself directs the course allowed
Believe not God is your heart, child
But rather you’re in the heart of God
Believe in oh, believe in oh
Believe in everything you got & sing
That God rests, sing God rests in reason
God rests in reason
God rests…….in reason
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