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Karen Clark-Sheard God Is Here Lyrics

Last updated: 11/26/2014 05:07:29 AM

There is a sweet anointing in the sanctuary
There is a stillness in the atmosphere
Oh come lay down the burdens you have carried
For in this sanctuary
God is here

There is a sweet anointing in the sanctuary
There is a stillness in the atmosphere
Oh come lay down the burdens you have carried
For in this sanctuary
God is here
Repeat solo

Talk-halleluya, Oº°˚˚°ºoo God is here, oh he's here
He's here to mend the broken heart
He's here to heal your hurt
Oh thank you for keeping your angels around about us
Letting us know that you're always with us
The scripture says low am with U̶̲̥̅̊ always
Even unto the end of the earth
God is right where you are
Whatever it is tonight
He's here, he's here to heal your life
If you need healing today
If you need deliverance today

Rolling part-
Speak Lord speak Lord
Speak Lord speak Lord
Speak Lord speak Lord
Speak Lord speak Lord
Speak Lord speak Lord
Speak Lord speak Lord
Speak Lord speak Lord
Speak Lord speak Lord

Oh come lay down the burdens you have carried
For in this sanctuary
God is here

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Healing | Reviewer: Rose | 11/25/14

I was so sad, lonely , depress, frustrated with everything going around me. I was so broken and yes I'm a Christian but life became so overwhelming I feel like shutting myself away but this song ministered to my sad soul, it gave me hope . Thank you Jesus! ! God is awesome!!!!!
God bless you my sister.

the power of the presence of God | Reviewer: Achi Chika | 10/18/14

I listen to the song and I try to analyse the lyrics.I felt the power of God.the word of God is make fulfiled for it is written: in the presence of God there is liberty, and there is fullness of Joy. how does it happens; when u lay yourself down in total surrender, He searches you-your heart by his word; his annointing come upon u and melt up all the burdens,healing your heart; breaking every so glad when it was my choir choice song this Sunday.

Song of life and encouragement | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/14

I must say this song is lovely and power-filled. All i have to do is lay my burden at His feet and He will deal with it cos He loves me more than i could imagine..... Praise GOD.

This is Holyghost sent song | Reviewer: Esthy Sampson | 3/6/14

I had never heard dis song anywhere. I browse it unknowingly into my phone, and when I listened to it I loved it. This is kind of music people need -'The Holyghost sent'. KAREN God bless u for allowing Him use u. Give us more.

God is here | Reviewer: Lottie | 2/22/14

Awesome song, I saw 2 men praise dance to this song. I listen to the words for the first time. This song ministered to my spirit. It reminded me who God is, what He can do in whatever place I am in. He loves me, in my lowly state or my high state He is there. Praise God

he truelly care | Reviewer: edosa charles | 12/2/13

He his here this song is a new life which I have got newly, life comes down through d anointing. Of God his presence his great for is bording is easy and his yolk is light now I have new life thank u God for Karen Clark- Sheard.

The burden bearer | Reviewer: Okolo L.U | 11/28/13

I have never heard this song before now, but it pulled me out of sleep as I heard an FM station playing it early this morning. It ministered greatly to me thus making me to search for it. Thank U Jesus for Sis Karen Clark.

Song of Deliverance nd healing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/13

First nd foremost, i'll like 2 tank d sis, dat gave me dis song coz av searched 4 it 4 smtime. This song is inspiring nd i really enjoy every bit of it. I say may God bless u 4 using dis song 2 minister in ourlives. Still expecting more of songs like dis. Once again God bless nd enrich u.

Fank u Jesus | Reviewer: Jenny | 10/18/13

D first time i heard dis song n d church i was touchd, i lookd for dis song almst evrywhere and i dnt even knw d tittle nor d singer, so d day i heard it from my sister's fone i was so happy dat i folowd her abt 2 send d song 2 me. Karen u ar indeed a God sent cos dis song is really inspiring. Pls i need more of ur songs.

God is here | Reviewer: Ogechi | 6/30/13

Dis song is jst inspiring,mending broken hearts,uplifting d depressed,healing wounds of d hearts.......jst come lay down d burden u av carried,no mata wat it is,no mata hw long u av carried it,..for in d sanctuary...God is here

This song has soothe my internal wound. I play d song almost everyday esp in d mid night wen i av my quiet time cos d lyrics are jst meant for me. Up till nw i can't still tell how d song entered my phone. Mayb its God dat did it himself. I love u Karen. God will continue to bless u.

God is here | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/25/13

D first time i listen to this song, i felt a soft arm touchin my heart and letting me know he's beside me. Even nw as i add my comment am really in a ruff emotional state, but am still feeling his hug. Yes he's here with me

Will i call this earthly or heavenly song? Ah! | Reviewer: Promise ofonye | 3/22/13

When i forst took this song from the phone of my choir member, because i was not around when day ministered the song. I remember telling her 'the song is not sweet' but when i got home i was realy disturbed to listen to the song once more but believe me since then i just can't stop listening to the song i must say it a heavenly song.

Best Song to Those Whom Are Almost Giving Up About Life. | Reviewer: Unekwu-Ojo Samuel Enemakwu | 2/28/13

Where it seems the world is falling on you, when it seems you're been abandoned by friends, brothers, sisters, loved ones and parents, this is one of the best that can minister to your soul.

Inspiring | Reviewer: Christy | 2/22/13

The first time i listened to this song i wept, icouldnt stop imagine God's presence being around me always. Thank you Karen for using this great song to minister to me. I love you