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Hey man, please don't make a sound
Take a look around, can't you see what's right in front of you
Have a little taste, no more time to waste
You don't wanna get left behind cause it's all coming down right now
How hard is it to see
Put your faith in me
I sure wouldn't want to be praying to
To the wrong piece of wood
You should get where you belong
Everything you know is wrong
Come on, sing along, everybody now

God given

And He gives us sight
And we see the light
And it burned so bright
Now we know we're right
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And His kingdom come
And Thy will be done
We have just begun
We're the chosen ones

I would never tell you anything that wasn't absolutely true
That didn't come right from His mouth
And He wants me to tell you.

Wait, step into the light
How can this be right?
I'm afraid we're gonna ask you to leave
This you cannot win
With the color of your skin
You won't be getting into the Promised Land
This is just another case
You people still don't know your place
Step aside, out the way, wipe that look of your face
Cuz we are the divine separated from the swine
Come on, sing along, everybody now
God given

And He gives us sight
And we see the light
And it burned so bright
Now you know we're right
And His kingdom come
And Thy will be done
We have just begun
We're the chosen ones

And He gives us sight
And we see the light
And it burned so bright
Now you know we're right
And His kingdom come
And Thy will be done
We have just begun
We're the chosen ones

I would never tell you anything that wasn't absolutely true
That didn't come right from His mouth
And He wants me to tell you.

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trent belongs too I AM! | Reviewer: matthew | 8/2/13

i dont see it so much as mockery, but exsposure the church or the body of Christ is not what ive found at the local church or churchs. in fact this song nails it. but God is sovereighn He knows whats up and who belongs to Him. what i find cool as shit is that trent has been directly hatig on God for his whole career. and now i hear him redirecting to the so called christian church as we know it. as did Jesus when He was here. HE told them they were whtewashed tombs clean on the outside and notsomuch inside, He tolld the leaders of that day that the daddy was the devil, while those that would listen to HIM were the undesirerables and HE began His church, or body. and as for the piece of wood, read the book of acts, the apostle paul said the same thing way back then and he was pissing everyone off, im sure they felt mocked

Year zero A.R.G. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/11

Your reviews are out of context with the whole concept behind Year Zero. The entire album is a story with clues that have been deliberately hidden throughout the internet just google Year Zero game or Year Zero AVG and you will have a better understanding of what the entire album is about.

The actual meaning | Reviewer: Jesse | 9/24/11

This song isn't making fun of religion at all, it's actually written from the perspective of the corrupt American government in the Year Zero alternate reality game.

Within the context of the alternate reality game, the government is trying to convince everybody through propaganda that their will is the will of God. You can also see hints of this in the Year Zero song The Good Soldier, in the line
"There's nowhere left to hide 'cause God is on our side
I keep telling myself".

Conformity | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/11

I'm assuming that this song is addressed to American Christians. Frequently Christianity in America is associated with blind conformity (since many are born into Christian families and therefore inevitably become cultural Christians), so it makes sense to think that this is probably written to America's dominant religious body.

I have to agree with a couple other reviewers on here, though. It's a bit unfair to label those who are pursuing a relationship with God on an individual level with those who are "worshipping wood." I'm also not sure about the "I'm afraid we're gonna ask you to leave...with the color of your skin" part. I think Mormonism used to deny blacks membership to their churches (up until the 1970s), but this hasn't ever been part of Christian doctrine.

Sing Along | Reviewer: Jesse | 12/31/10

It makes me sad when a semi-educated pundit co-opts an anti-doctrinal song to try (try) to ramord his/her own dogma.... Reznor (he's not my boss so he doesn't get a Mr. and I don't know him so he's not Trent to me) doesn't just poke (bitter) fun at Christians, the song is about religion in general, and the painful irony of a group of blind men arguing about the color of the sky. If you want to explain the good things things in your life as the blessings of a personal god while ignoring or otherwise ascribing all the crappy things that happen, more power to you - belief is personal, so believe in whatever makes you happy. BUT...there is no, No, NO evidence to support one conception of God over another - IF god exists there is no indication which if any recognized "God" he/she/it is. What Reznor is mocking (i think) is the way "believers" mutate and twist their faith to serve their own ends. "The wrong piece of wood" is any piece of wood. If you're going to pray, pray to something that matters to you, not whatever your parents, friends and neighbors pray to.....Don't mistake belief for fact, and don't use it as a something to hide behind when you're really acting out of self-interest.

Amazing song with equally impressive lyrics | Reviewer: Sultan | 8/20/10

In reply to See The Truth:

With all do respect, most of what you're saying (especially in regards to Islam which I know more of since I am a Muslim) is false. In particular, why do you say we have no concept of the antichrist. Yes, we do. It's a very clear and understood concept shared among all sects of Islam. "Al Maseeh Al Dajjal" is what we call him and it literally means "the deceiving Christ", he is the antichrist. Him having One-eye is basically a sign that faithful Muslims will see and know that he is not Christ.

Oh and just to keep things clear (to all non-Muslims who seem to assume we only believe in our Prophet Mohammed PBUH) we do believe in Jesus Christ as well as Moses.

Just proving his point. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/13/10

In reply to "powerful song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/10"

This song is written exactly about people like you. Try and read between the lines a bit. It's about the arrogance and racism of religions. You'll believe anything they say because you're insecure and unhappy without something to depend on after this life. Trent wrote this to show how the whole pyramid scheme of religion works, Harsh selection, Arrogance, Pride etc.

What better to prove this point than the song
"I would never tell you anything that wasn't absolutely true
That didn't come right from His mouth
And He wants me to tell you."

powerful song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/10

People do evil in the name of God, but God is good, loving, and merciful. He loves us all! Don't hate God just because people have done evil in His name. He will repay, but He is patient with us. If God were to rid the world of evil today, no flesh would remain. You're right Trent! Christians are wicked and hypocritical, just like everyone else. But we are all offered forgiveness. God loves you, and He has provided atonement for your sin through the death of Christ.

You have a wonderful gift for making music! God blesses us all in spite of our disobedience. He created you for a special purpose, and He loves you! Turn from your wickedness and submit to Him.

And don't judge others so harshly. Don't be the very thing that you hate. We'll be judged by the standard we hold everyone else to. Don't condemn yourself! Forgive and be forgiven. Love and honor God, and He will lift you up in the last day.

Trent obviously knows whats going on as far as the ambitions the egoists | Reviewer: See The Truth | 1/14/10

"You don't wanna get left behind cause it's all coming down right now
How hard is it to see
Put your faith in me"

-- its what god would say, its hard to see the light if its not physically there but true light is within, being one with god, but keep faith in the one true god.

Hes very mocking the so called "enlightened ones" the illuminatist elitists who think they are the chosen ones based on ancient luciferian teachings. if you havent learned about the information thier history and how its effected civilization you should. its a joke that us common people dont see the Amount of Pure deception and trickery thats right in front of us .how can people be so blind!
The DIvision lines (good,/ evil) will soon become so clear between those following the false bearer of light and the true divine light; light which is GOD GIVEN. god is the true light.

I also love how he mocks modern day false religion and how much of a joke it is when all major religions use pagan symbolism. its just praying to a piece of wood lol pretty rediculous

also mocking the catholic

"His kingdom will come
thy will be done "

"did you ever think to why a catholic chant would be reffering to the allmighty as his and not god? and thy means my so my kingdom? yeah the kingdom lucifer and his political pawns.will be done, aided by sweet vatican :)

The divine are the true chosen ones. divine meaning followers of God, the allmighty God.
NWO ultimatly will be led by the pople, who wil erge all relgiions, what most have in common is that Jesus is not the son of god they claim

therfore bhuddiams, eastern religins, jw's, mormonusm and islam will come under the umgbrella easily

catholcis wil go for it, as they belevie the pope more than the bible, so will not recognise the antichrist as he wil come as the pope to seduce them

the same way the devil came as a serpent, who was originlly a dazzling pretty creature

chrisitanity and judaism will not give in

therfroe they wil be weakend by a nuclear war with the islamic states

iran, russia and china, which are yet to have islamic turmoil

in the new world order, when they finally relase all thei technlogical secrets, people will think they have it easy, with all the new alien technlolgy

the new rleigion will consist of all the one mentioned bu also, the politics will consist of all the philosophies like comusins and captialism, which essentially merge together to form new form of facism

everyone wil be doped and kept high

and walknig in a trance, e.g. like they did during the hippie age

not knowing what they followed , but following it as its the ony thing to be followed

the world already rejected their messiah for the serpent

vatis canis= vatican= divine serpent

ake sure you dont rejet your messiah again for the vatican

they created islam

this is why the book of revelations has been reversed for the islamist

and why they have no concept of the antichrsit, but think it's a one eyed man,

top song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/09

i was listening to this song and heard the line "I sure wouldn't want to be praying to
To the wrong piece of wood" and i nearly pissed myself laughing. i love it how trent puts himself in a position to poke fun at religion and how ridiculous it can be. Year zero is easily nin's best album. Not to say that TDS wasnt incredible but year zero just doesn't strike a chord wrong with me

Indian Removal Act | Reviewer: Rainy | 3/10/09

Learned about this in school and this song seems to fit that...PERFECTLY. White settlers thought they were better so they pushed Native Americans off their land for Manifest Destiny. This song fits that so well it's SCARY.
:D But I love this song do death.

Eye opening | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/08

Any song is open for interpretation but this is one you simply have to smirk at while listening to imagining the one person you know that this song completely suits.

We all know the type, the perfect little priest, so sure you've got to be a Caucasian male of 25 at about 175 lbs to understand the good book and fight your way to the front of the line at the pearly gates.

I saw this live at the Q in Cleveland this year, and it was wonderful, people who aren't even fans of Trent's newer work would have loved this song live.

He is one pissed off poet, and that's just what we need.

Fantastic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/15/08

This is an intensely powerful song. Last night I went to the NIN performance in Atlanta, and this song was fantastic. His energy was overwhelming, the gun cross that appeared in lights over the stage was awe-inspiring and the chanting of the crowd was amazing. Trent Reznor is a genius, a madman, and a scholar.

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