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Petra God Gave Rock & Roll to You Lyrics

Last updated: 03/17/2010 11:00:00 AM

Words by Russ Ballard

You can learn to dance
Or you can be a square
You can let the music take you anywhere
But where will you be when the music's gone

You can learn to sing
You can play guitar
You can learn to rock
You can be a star

God gave rock and roll to you
Gave rock and roll to you
Put it in the soul of everyone

If you love the sound
Then don't forget the source
You can turn around
You can change your course
'Cause it's never too late to change your mind

You can love the rock
And let Him free your soul
Or you can let the old man take his toll
It's never too late to change your mind

Repeat Chorus

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GOD GAVE | Reviewer: Brett B. | 3/16/10

Petra did NOT write this song..the original was written by Russ Ballard & recorded by ARGENT in 1973. Both Petra & KISS changed some lyrics in their respective versions. KISS' is by far the stand out version

God Gave Rock n Roll | Reviewer: Arby | 8/26/07

Actually, Petra did three different versions of the song over the years so there are short and long versions. They got permission to alter the lyrics to speak more from a Christian perspective.

And by the way, KISS never did stand for Knights In Satan's Service. A friend of mine was the first road manager for Kiss. He's now a Christian performer and was there from day one and there when they named the band. It simply meant Kiss, as in a Kiss. Sorry, the other makes a better story but is not true.

Not a Petra original | Reviewer: JM | 8/8/07

This is not the original version. The original version was written and recored by the band Argent. The Argent song is from 1973. Petra covered the Argent song by changing its lyrics, as did Kiss. The Kiss version is slightly closer to the original, using part of the second verse. But really, the only lyrics that are used in either cover is the chorus. The music is similar for both covers, with Kiss being closer to the 1973 original. The Petra song is similar musically, but has more synthesizer and is slightly more upbeat.

God Gave Rock'n Roll | Reviewer: Clay Asher | 8/24/05

Well what can I say? Petra are the legends of christian rock. Their version, which is the original, is a little short and quick to change musical directions throughout the song. However, it is a great Rock ballad for any person. I find it to be a little ironic that KISS would put out their own version of the song in 1992. This being a christian ballad, its funny to hear it being played by a band that was once called Knights In Satans Service, although the KISS version is a little more Anthem-like.