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There's no denying that metal is a predominantly European
and Caucasian form of music. In the United States, the
majority of the music buying public labors under the
illusion that hard rock started with the Korn explosion or
is something that troubled kids are "under the influence
of" when they commit deviant or criminal acts.
Given metal's chiefly "white" nature, it's fairly uncommon
for a metal band to have an African American among its
ranks. Even more rare is the hard rock band where four
fifths of the members are black.

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Reviews about God Forbid songs

Use some sociology | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Anti hero performed by God Forbid

"because we have nothing else left"

aka, a victim of life?

An antihero can be a protagonist that just wants to live with his family but is forced to be sent overseas to kill for "humanity", as the song clearly says. God Forbid is not anti-military. They're pro-humanity. They're saying that if you think about it, the killing is completely pointless. "When does the war against war begin?"

The song is everything you just said and then some. If you examine this song sociologically, you can see that it's not the fault of this particular protagonist. His moral dilemma is killing for a government when he knows what's right and wrong, but he has no other choice.

I'm not sure I'd call God Forbid spoiled either. There isn't alot of money to be made in metal music, and the guys have had various label disputes and such. I think they're quite possibly the most underrated and underappreciated band out there. They've been doing this for nearly a decade and a half, and they've yet to headline a major US arena tour. Their ticket prices still hover around 25-30 dollars...

I understand where you're coming from, but it you really break this song down...you'll see that they're on your side.

The people below me are morons | Reviewer: sidewinder
    ------ About the song To The Fallen Hero performed by God Forbid

First off comparing killswitch engage to god forbid is comparing water to vodka ,nowhere near as powerful, second of all 4 out of 5 of the guys in god forbid are black..does that make them 4 times as rare now...Theyre just a bunch of guys who play awesome music, the number of black guys who participate in it doesnt change that....Judge music with your ears not your eyes

Amazing... | Reviewer: Sonic
    ------ About the song To The Fallen Hero performed by God Forbid

This isn't their best song imo but its up there.You should check out more songs by these guys if you like this one. These guys have a variety of styles in their music, not to mention their lead singer is black(only metal one i've ever seen).

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