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There were dangers awaiting me
Destruction was sure to be
But thank God for Angels
That were shielding and protecting
And looking out for me
Thank You lord

The Devil had a plan to kill me, I know
But God intercepted his plan
And told the devil, no
God blocked it
He wouldn't let it be so
No He wouldn't let it be so

Haven't lived a perfect life
Seems I've done wrong more than I've done right
But thank God for compassion and forgiveness
That kept me from a terrible plight

You see, my life was spinning out of control
The fact that I'm still a live today
Ain't nothing, nothing but a miracle

God blocked it
He wouldn't let it be so
No, He wouldn't let it be so

For I've got work to do
work to do

God wouldn't let me die
Because He knew I had work to do

Oh yes

And I've got life to live
There are blessings
He want's to give
God blocked it,
He wouldn't let it be so
No, He wouldn't let it be so

God blocked it
He wouldn't let it be so

It was the lord
Nobody but Jesus

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I can relate to this song. Is just like waht ive been through. Indeed, God blocked it. For he said in his word, i will instruct the angels concerning you to lift you in their hands so your foot will not strike a stone. Thank Lord Jesus fo saving my life and giving me another chance to live. Im a living testimony of God's grace.

God indeed blocked it that's why am here | Reviewer: chidinma Ndukwe-Ezeala | 8/22/13

This song was played in my house for 24 hours cos my hubby loved the song same way i did, it was on a saturday and sunday morning that it played all through, as we are stepping out of the house by 5am on sunday morning for early morning service my husband was driving with me in the front seat and three of our new convert that we just invited to church at sitting at the back and we heard a big sound like a gun shot only for us to realized that the who side glass on my side ( passengers side) and the one behind me (rear glass) scattred and the whole pieces on me and the guy sitting behind me behold it was robbers but GOD BLOCKED THEIR GUNSHOT or what ever they throw that broke the two glasses into pieces and it didnt hurt us, also the couldnt robb us as well cos God took over. and ever since then this song has been our anchor song every second.

God blocked it | Reviewer: Teniola Abiodun Muibat | 6/26/13

It was the LORD, he wouldnt let me fall, he called me, chose me he told me he is with me even when i go through the deep waters and through the fire the ater wont drown me and the fire wont burn me or kindle me, i am glad i am alive because i would have died and be forgotten, thanks be to the LORD GOD almighty, thank you for the works of the cross, for with you all things are possible.

THANK YOU LORD FOR BLOCKING IT!!!!! | Reviewer: True Believer | 6/11/13

When I first heard this song a couple of years ago, I was overwhelmed with the Spirit. It is such a beautiful song with a lovely arrangement & delivery. But it wasn't until today, after experiencing a relationship that I should not have been in to begin with, that I can truly appreciate the lyrical composition of this song! GOD BLOCKED IT!!! "IT" is a culmination of things in my life within the past few months. Even when I thought I knew what I wanted, God knows His children & He knows what is best for them. HE HAS THE FINAL SAY!!! No matter what your plans are, no matter what you think you want, He knows what you need & He blocked "it"! THANK YOU LORD!!!! He blocked me from making a shameful fool & mockery of myself! His plans for my life FAR EXCEED my plans, if only I'll continue to trust, believe & keep the faith that God has not forgotten about me! Sometimes I become impatient & want to do my own thing, which takes me down a path I know I shouldn't be on. God is ALWAYS watching over me, shielding me from myself & other dangers. I have been humbled many times by Him & I'll forever give Him the glory He is due. I thank Him for all He has done in my life & all that He will continue to do. Much thanks & appreciation to Kurt Carr for this song.

God blocked the enemy | Reviewer: Okoruwa jennifer idaghefua | 8/24/12

God blocked it is a song that is touching to d soul,ever since i heard this song i began to see what God has been doing in my life and in d life of my family how he has blocked the enemy from getting closed to me and my family.May God bless kurt carr.Thank you kurt


Glory be to God amen and amen,this song means so great to me in my daily life.really the angel of my creator makes me feel great of his divine presence.on returning from job on the way,as i was walkin i saw a car driving towards my direction as i try to dotch he drove closer n closer before i know a guy through the car window which had faces my side,with force suddenly drag my hand bag off my shoulder to take it away and i shouted JESUS then the fail from his hand too to the ground,and i picked my bag,they cudnnt suceed they ran.God had sent his Angel not only blocking but beat the enemys hand.so i can ve my bag back.i thank for this vessel Mr Kurt Carr God uses u. u are bless.bcos i ve been blessed through this wordings

God rocks, He blocks. | Reviewer: Audrey Francis | 4/28/12

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear> He blocked it. He has covered me many times, show me the adversary. gave me instructions, cause me to prsy for people, and people pray for me. He does everything in his power to block evil from my life. To God be the glory. God bless u Kurt Carr

Just Awesome!!!!!!! | Reviewer: LOKOLANI KIRKENDOLL | 12/20/11

Awesome...1st time hearing it today...beautiful. I felt the spirit in that song. It bougt a trar to my eye. Very touching. I know that God blocked some things in my life. Thank You, Almigty Father, for the many miracles and blessings. That song @ that moment...in a since was confirmation on the "Work I have to do for God"! Thank you God for giving that song to Mr. Kurt Carr/his singers..& Thank you, Mr. Carr for writing that beautiful song.

am lifted true this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/11

the first time i listen 2 this song truely i never understood all i could here was i gat work 2 do. And when i hed it at that time i was pasin true pains. So stood up and told my self that i gat work to do 4 God cos he has blessings to give. Thank God for this song. I now the reson why am alive.

Testimony | Reviewer: Bolu Akinlabi | 7/20/11

It may sound funny but it is a true testimony.flies and dirts find it easy to enter into my eyes but since i heard this song and the lyrics.i keep on repeating God blocked it and it has always been working for me.prrrrrraise God.

Courage | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/11

It changed my life wen i was trapped wit evil wen i listen to the song i discovered God has a better plan for my life so dat the devil av no ryt to take it away am save praise the lord i celebrate in my victory

Glory be to God | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/10

I came across this song when it first came out. It was also a song that my church's regional choir would sing. Then my university choir sang the same song about 3 years later. Who knew that I'd actually live out the meaning of these words? See I hadn't experienced then what I experienced in the past few years, so I couldn't possibly have truly known what the song was really about. But now I do. The devil had a plan to kill me, I know and he tried to use some of my closest friends to do it. The devil that old wicked devil tried to make me think my life was hopeless and useless. He tried to take away the joy that I had. I witnessed the darkest period of my life beginning in 2007 but the Lord brought the victory. God blocked every dart the enemy tried to send my way. The darts of sickness, loss, depression, hopelessness, boredom, and all manner of evil has been blocked. I know that no matter what I go through the Lord is with me always. He said that He will be with us through the waters, when we pass through the rivers, they will now overwhelm us and when we pass through the fire we will not be burned!! Nothing will overcome us because He already overcame that very thing that has been seeking to bring us down. The Lord ALREADY overcame it. Praise God!!!!!!! Hallelujah

God Blocked it in my life | Reviewer: Emmanuel B. Wilsitoe | 7/1/10

i love this song'God Blocked it' when i first heard it on the net, my soul was filled and i was blessed that God blocked it want the devil take away my Wife and left me with a son without mother but thank God that he blockd it and my son stilled at life.The writter of this song may God give him years to come.

God's Amazing Love, Mercy and Faithfulness!! | Reviewer: Toun | 6/23/10

God indeed blocked "it". That "it" is so very many instances and times of extreme distress for me. Every day, just about I thought of suicide because life for me had become unlivable and too painful.

I can go back to many, many years of deep sadness and depression, lack of hope, no motivation or desire to live because of the daily sense of futility and hopelessness that I felt. I kept wondering why I was born, why am I here? What had I done to deserve so much pain and sadness in my life?

But God blocked "it". He has continuously watched over me and kept me safe, even from myself and especially from the enemy of my soul, Satan. God has blocked all Satan's attempt to destroy my soul, bankrupt my spirit and finally kill me, either by an accident, by black magic or by suicide.

I rejoice in God's great love for me, His amazing kindness and compassion towards me and His care taking of me. I'm a miracle and a testament to God's goodness, His mercy, His compassion and His Grace. Jesus not only saved me on the Cross, He's saved me again and again from Satan's wily and wicked ways. Jesus IS determined that I SHALL LIVE. I'm very much determined to live out God's purpose for my life. THAT will be one of my ways of saying "Thank You" to an amazing, loving, awesome and wonderful God AND Father.

Folks, there IS hope and that hope has a name....JESUS, Yeshua Hamashia, the Lamb of God, the Rose of Sharon, the Balm of Gilead, the Everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace, the Alpha, the Omega, the One who was, who is and is to come. Bless His Holy and Righteous Name, Amen!!

God is always on time!! | Reviewer: ASONIE | 5/15/10

I was given this song as a solo at Lincoln High school in San Diego for our Gospel Choir my 10th grade year. I did not understand why but I can honestly say that the Lord has a plan. I went through so many things since than but I am still here because GOD BLOCKED IT! I AM SO THANKFUL TO HAVE HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO MINISTER THROUGH THIS SONG TO OTHERS AND MYSELF.PRAISE GOD!!!

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