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Damnwells God Bless America Lyrics

Last updated: 08/13/2007 12:00:00 PM

God bless America and our enemy dudes
Land that I love, if we win or we lose
Standing beside her, and keeping score
Guiding her freedom to the enemy's door

God bless America, by land and by sea
Saving the world from catastrophe
My home, sweet home, with a lock and a key
The dawn’s early light on a big screen TV

Oh how I loved you, it’s true.
Your skylines and coalmines
And your strippers, too
Do you ever miss me?
‘Cause baby I miss you.

The mountains and prairies
To the prisons and malls
I’ve got a bible and a Barbie doll
God bless America and her Kodachrome flag
From purple mountains majesty
To the streets of Bagdad

Oh I loved you, it’s true.
The judges, and casinos
And happy hour, too
Do you ever need me?
‘Cause baby I need you.

God bless America
At the great finish line
Winning the war with their hearts and minds
Standing besides her with a Union jack
Whatever she’s done
She can’t take it back

Oh how I love you, it’s true.
Your winners, and losers
And your cheaters, too
Do you ever want me?
‘Cause baby I want you.
Baby, I want you.
Baby, I want you.
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