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Atmosphere God's Bathroom Floor Lyrics

Last updated: 05/22/2011 11:00:00 AM

Head, pressure, senses, clutched
Date, Divinity, wouldn't, fuck
Touched, hazy, God, change
Rush, floor, life, veins

From a head full of pressure rests the senses that I clutch
Made a date with Divinity, but she wouldn't let me fuck
I got touched by a hazy shaded, God help me change
Caught a rush on the floor from the life in my veins

It goes one for the cannabis, and two for your dianoetics
Three for your reasoning, and four for those that try to get it
Five for your love, and six for the stress
And seven for the day that I climbed into this mess


I'm catching ulcers from the child proof lighters
And all these fine tooth biters that keep the wires in my head tighter
I'm tired out by the distances achieved walking in my sleep
Floors got shifted since the high i got a tad too deep
Ask dad to keep cool, I'll call him back as soon as I resume normal
And get out of this bathroom
And call management to seek some reimbursement
For the nerve ending that burnt from the first hits


So fuck needles, fuck smoke
Fuck lines that make the sinus choke
Fuck chasers, trails, fuck waves and rails
Fuck hang-overs, fuck hallucinations
Regurgitations, mandatory sentences and UA tracing
Blind my insight and dull the common sense
Give me INHIBITION, kill the superstition and the confidence
Built the tolerance, now it's more that I consume it
When it boards up my room, the world's whores will croon in unison
Unify the eulogy, autopsy pages read euthanasia, I.E., irony
But here I be within a pool of my drool
Sedated, windows dilated, comatose, life overdose
Tell Jacob Miles to keep it wild style
I promise I'll smile
And check the floor, God's got nice tile
Tell Jacob Mile to keep that shit wild style
And I'll smile
And check the floor, God's got nice tile


Head, pressure, senses, clutched
Date, Divinity, wouldn't, fuck
Touched, hazy, God, change
Rush, floor, life...

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This is why I love Hip Hop | Reviewer: Charles | 5/22/11

I love a track that can grab you from where ever you are, and thrust you into the passionate mind of the artist. Makes me think of where the true artists have gone... I love Hip Hop... and I miss Hip Hop... :/ I shouldn't have to search for good hip hop... ducking and dodging this watered down (polite) shit on the radio...

god's atmospheric paradise | Reviewer: mikey | 3/2/10

days and days ago i had heard this song through a friend and fliped my fukin head around more than a little the chorus was so to the point and poeticaly dynamic i had almost shit my pants one of the best written rhymes i have ever heard and the beat was nuts simple and yet very relaxing and agressive sht was nuts one of the best ive ever heard

atmosphere is sick | Reviewer: ZM | 2/11/08

This is simply a prime example of Atmosphere at its finest. Pure, true, deep lyrics about real true life events. Other rappers waste their time spitting shit about cars, girls, and nonsense. Meanwhile Slug talks about meaningful things that are true to him. He truly is hip-hop.

Great Underground Atmosphere Song! | Reviewer: G-Spot | 4/2/05

This is one of his greatest hits, try to get your hands on's great!