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The members of GOB:
Gabe (the babe :o)~ drums
Craig ~ bass
Theo ~ guitar & vocals
Tom ~ guitar & vocals

Once upon a time...long long ago (well, 8 years) a boy
named Theo and a boy named Tom started a band. It was
called "Tommy's Biscuit". After they met Wolfman Pat and
Jamie, GOB began in 1993 in Langely, BC. The whole she-bang
didn't really get underway until 1994 when they released
their first self titled album (a short one with only 9
tracks, might I add). One year later, in 1995, they
released their second album titled "Too More...

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Reviews about Gob songs

Kays' I' ve been up these steps review | Reviewer: Kays V
    ------ About the song I've Been Up These Steps performed by Gob

I like this song and I like gob. I consider "Foot in mouth diesease" to be one of there best. The song is great and personally I think the Hand Clapping adds to the energy of the song. Usually hand clapping would totally ruin a song. Mostly because most of the time hand clapping is incredibly cheesy and lame. Not in this case folks. I rate this song 5 out of 5 stars.

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