Goatwhore Albums

  • Funeral Dirge For The Rotting Sun Album (8/26/2003)
    Sacrament Of Emptiness And Despair
    Vengeance Of Demonic Fury
    Bloodguilt Eucharist
    The Serpent That Enslaves What Is Worshipped
    Chanting Bells Of Funeral Anguish
    Sky Inferno
    A Closure In Infinity
    Invocation To The Obsidian Moon
    As The Sun Turns To Ash
    Fires Of The Judas Blood
    The Black Art Of Deception
    Baptized In A Storm Of Swords

  • The Eclipse of Ages Into Black Album (2/22/2000)
    Nocturnal Holocaust
    Lair Of Nastrond
    Desolate Path To Apocalyptic Ruin
    The Beauty In Suffering
    As The Reflection Slowly Fades
    All The Sins
    Satans' Millennium
    Upon This Deathbed Of Cold Fire
    Invert The Virgin
    Perversions Of The Ancient Goat
    Into A Darker Sun
    Under A Dark God
    Commanding The Legions Of Hell
    Graveyards And Dead Angels

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