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Radiohead Go To Sleep Lyrics

Last updated: 05/12/2014 08:43:47 PM

Something for the rag and bone man
Over my dead body
Something big is gonna happen
Over my dead body
Someone saw someone's daughter
Over my dead body
This is how I ended up sucked in
Over my dead body
I'm gonna go to sleep
And let this wash all over me
We don't really want a monster taking over
Tip toeing, tying down
We don't want the loonies takin' over
Tip toeing, tying down our arms
May pretty horses
Come to you as you sleep
I'm gonna go to sleep
And let this wash over me

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Late | Reviewer: Brennen | 5/13/14

The rag and bone man? Someone who requires a sacrifice, (son or daughter), probably a religious figurehead. Every reference to sleep is alluding to death. The monster is the person in power, the loony is the little man, who as we all know, never wins

Bush interpretation | Reviewer: Brad J. | 4/27/13

This may be just a completely tangential association that I have with this song, but since it came out in 2003, the year of the US invasion of Iraq, I can't help but think it is a political song expressing displeasure with George W. Bush. "Over my dead body" expresses the moral outrage of preemptive war, and loss of privacy rights. "We don't want the looneys taking over" well that's obvious, and "I'm going to go to sleep and let this wash all over me" is a reference to feeling powerless as an individual to effect change in politics, or perhaps feeling overwhelmed. I can never get this association out of my head when I listen to it. Even if this isn't the meaning of the song, I like thinking that it is.

Brad J.

socioeconomic collapse | Reviewer: april england | 4/10/11

The rag is news worthy events the bone man is a reference to the grim reader meaning the news worthy events will bring about death

Over my dead body is a second opinion that is denial.

Something big is a possible socioeconomic collapse and or other major changes

Another denial over my dead body

Someone saw someone's daughter a reference to gossip and meaningless chatter

Another denial over my dead body

This is how I got sucked in. Lifes expectations can and will enslave you if you get caught up in material things.

There is a dual meaning in this part the one that is trying to warn the other one is gonna sleep let it wash over him and hope to find a way to deal.

The one in denial will just go to sleep and forget like the tide washing away.

Monsters and loonies are the same thing the socioeconomic controlling force over everything and its congregation.

They tie us all down with rules and ways to keep you from doing too much thinking while they tiptoe in the shadows so no one sees their faces. Pretty horses sweet dreams to those those who deny while u can still have them .
I've been thinking about this a lot lately so convinent that I have this opportunity to post this interpretation.

Homelessness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/18/10

This song is talking about how society views homelessness. They are saying that we have a ponsibility to help people but society views the homeless as worthless and unworthy of help, but that those people are our brothers and sisters. He says over my dead body will I allowe my children to become those that society disowns and condemns. And over my dead body will I continue to allowe society to place that identity on them. But he acknoledges that other people are not awake to this persepctive and moral value and that those people can just go to sleep, that they will not be able to understand so they shouldn't even try and as you go to sleep I'm not going to and I going to let this responsibility wash over me. And seeing even more depth in the song, he is not just talking about the homeless, but all those other groups of people that have been banished from societies view of what it means to have a fulfilling and successful life.

Weird? | Reviewer: Morgue C | 11/23/09

For some reason when i read the lyrics to this song i thought about those old style mob bosses and mob wars and stuff. . . Maybe thats just me cause i have a weird sense of imagination. . . I mean. . . I wrote a song about a flashy red light for bob sake! Any way. . . I really like the 'feel' of this song when i listen to it. . If that even makes any sense. . . makes me want to go out and make a movie so i can use this song for it. . . .

In Limbo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/31/09

I dont think it is about terrorism... I get the feeling it is about paranoid, specially "This is how I end up sucked in" and "I'm gonna go to sleep let this wash all over me". It amazes me how radiohead´s songs can be read in many different ways, sometimes they are like a dream, with different parts and meanings. I saw them in Argentina a week ago and I just cant get it off my mind!!! It was one of the greatest show ever!
PD: I don´t belive that wish you were here by Radiohead it´s better than the one by pink floyd, I think it is different and that both songs have their magic. Anyway I preffer Pink floyd´s version.

NO LOGO | Reviewer: Steev | 7/13/08

Has anybody reading this read the book by Naomi Klein "No Logo"?

It was stated (at least on Wikipedia) that the book was a massive inspiration to the band during the making of Kid A. So much so that they considered naming the album after it. I just finished reading the book myself and wow.

I have a theory that this song is about the same thing that No Logo deals with. Globalization, branding wars and corporations taking over. The monster being the corporations. And the "(Little Man being Erased.)" also helps my theory.

In the video where all the buildings are falling down could mean the disintegration of the multinational businesses.

$ | Reviewer: v | 10/30/07

an interesting thing is when the last verse comes in "May pretty horses / come to you / as you sleep..." the guitar riff (which is dope and fits) is caustic ...and so is his voice...but I don't think he is being ironic...just complex

Retro-spectator | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/07

This song, to me, represents self-examination...

telling oneself not to go crazy in abandonment, and understand that to be truly alone, we must embrace insanity and drive those we care about away.

And I agree about this being one of the best tracks on the album, although I think Backdrifts was my favorite, by far.

Pink Floyd mathematics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/07

Better than Wish You Were Here,from Wish You Were Here, which is, in no doubt, better than Dark Side of the Moon.

g | Reviewer: g | 8/7/07

I think this song is maybe to do with terrorism?

'Somethin big is gonna happen' and 'we dont want the loonies takin over'.... with loonies being the terrorists?... just an thot I had

Also the video further expands this point.. with the collapsing buildings

wow! | Reviewer: Barry | 7/30/07

Absolutely fantastic song!
Only Punchup at a wedding is better than this on Hail to the Theif.

an atomic bomb to explode | Reviewer: Forest | 6/20/07

when i listen to this song, its like an atomic bomb to explode in my head everytime... it causes me to be afraid of myself...

absolutely striking | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/05

Simply appreciate the richness of those drums. These band is reaching perfection!