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GLORIA GAYNOR. Her name is recognized worldwide. Her voice
a dynamic force. Her Grammy Award winning signature song,
“I Will Survive,” an inspiration that has touched the
hearts of people all over the world. This September 2002,
Logic Records/BMG released the highly anticipated U.S. LP
entitled “I Wish You Love.” This is Gloria Gaynor’s first
worldwide release in 15 years. It will encompass 15 singles
including the debut power ballad “I Never Knew” with dance
remixes by Grammy veteran Hex Hector.

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Review about Gloria Gaynor songs
Thanks gloria I LOVE YOU | Reviewer: ARREY DAVID OBEN
    ------ About the song I Will Survive performed by Gloria Gaynor

Thinking i would never live without you by my side used to be how i felt but now im strong. one thing to note this song generate hopes to thoes who are hopeless, courage to thoes who are discourage and strenth to thoes who are weak so fear not for as long as we know how to love we shall survive. thanks gloria for im pregnant of words.

I do this song in a slow blues style with me and guitar | Reviewer: BMan
    ------ About the song I Will Survive performed by Gloria Gaynor

the audience loves it. everyone sings along; we all know the words. people never thought of it as a blues tune, but the words just lent themselves to being done in that style. i just started singing it one day as a blues tune, and (((bam))) it hit me. so i rewrote the chording and kept a similar melody. it really works. great song. Gloria did it in a pop way. Cake, did it in a rock way. Sacha did it in a jazz way. i do it in a blues way. Any way, this song is grrrrrrreat. :D kudos to PERREN, FREDERICK J. / FEKARIS, DINO

Good for so many reasons...... | Reviewer: elena
    ------ About the song I Will Survive performed by Gloria Gaynor

Gloria Gaynor appeared on the Today Show this morning.....sang this song....had the entire crew singing along....the energy it generates is good for any reason of just brings the mind together, and keeps all of us moving along....Yea to Gloria for singing this song with such each of us for all of our own reasons!!!!

Applies to bad relationships and to those who turned to alcohol to try to cope | Reviewer: Loving mother
    ------ About the song I Will Survive performed by Gloria Gaynor

My adult child has struggled with a woman who intentionally got pregnant to force him to marry her. (She has since done this with another guy). My son married her, but everything went awry. She tried to isolate him from his family so she could own him. She did not put any effort into raising the child and he couldn't get her to accept any responsibility for any aspect of their survival. He has trouble with conflict management. He tried to get it to work for 10 years but lost himself in the process. Ultimately, he chose flight into alcohol to cope with it. This ruined his life. Eventually they divorced. He has finally come to the realization that alcohol is not the way to go. This song could mean so much to him. Not just the disappointment in this "lost cause" marriage, but the "dark place" that binge alcohol drinking took him to. He is now in recovery and finding himself again. Thank you NBC morning show for sharing this song and to Gloria Gaynor for making it. I remember it from when I was going through a very bad time in my life. How pleased you must be to have helped so many people

I will survive! | Reviewer: Sasha
    ------ About the song I Will Survive performed by Gloria Gaynor

I love this song. It is not only about getting over a break-up. I have terminal ovarian cancer. This song reminds me about overcoming obstacles, going on with your life and finding happiness no matter what. I am about to have "I will survive" tattooed on my arm.

i will survive | Reviewer: lindywey
    ------ About the song I Will Survive performed by Gloria Gaynor

this song is really inspiring, the lyrics isn't only for the broken hearted its also for those who does not have the courage to go through life. well as for wise man, u aren't wise at all cos you're the kind of person that breaks a lady's heart. ur words are cold ....well that aside, I know I'll survive n I'll keep on surviving, i've gone through a lot in life n I survived so u too can, I love u gloria, u are the Best n I love u all...kisses!

    ------ About the song I Will Survive performed by Gloria Gaynor

One of the best songs ever written for women. It was helpful to me during my divorce, and here I am again in my sixties listening to it again to get through a painful breakup. I'll keep listening as long it it helps, and it's helping a lot. There's a feeling of women united, you can see it in the audience. I'm grateful to this song, and I will survive.

lovely words | Reviewer: hiba
    ------ About the song I Will Survive performed by Gloria Gaynor

this song really has a positive influence on me .it inspires me to go on in my live without caring about those people who let me down.and thats what am doing right now.this song must live for ever

TOTAL INSPIRATION | Reviewer: swabry
    ------ About the song I Will Survive performed by Gloria Gaynor

when i first heard this song i was still young and hadn't yet gotten my heart broken. i used to sing it because i love singing but i never gave much thought and attention to the words. later on few years down the line my first love broke my heart, left me for another chiq....i was soo lost, down, hurting, feeling deceived mainly because he cheated on me and left me for the other lady.. you all know how it's like to be disappointed by your first love. i cried 4 him for days, i couldn't understand why he could do such a thing, at that time i felt like he was my all, like my world is coming to a stop. couldn't bring myself 2 accept that he's left for another woman. i had been with him for a long time that i ddn't know how to live without him. that's when my bestfriend dedicated that song for me, she brought a cd 4 me and for the first time Gloria's words had a meaning to me, i felt connected to her. it felt like she sang the song specially 2 me and i was so encouraged, i had the strength to wipe my tears, pick up the broken pieces of my heart and move on with life, face another day of my life without him.

Excuse me | Reviewer: inspired girl
    ------ About the song I Will Survive performed by Gloria Gaynor

Wise Male Just because your a jerk like that and think that way thats not the case for everyone. I like how you a guy gets all pissy when a girl shows female independence and strength so if your going to negative no one said you had to read the lyrics SMH so really just fine someone sles to critic. JERK!!!!!!

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