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I'm not always like this
It's something, i become
A terrible weakness
In my nature, in my blood
Save me, oh save me, save me from myself
Before i hurt somebody else again

Domino motion jump starts when we touch
The blackout approaching
Here it comes now, wish me luck
It's all over, it's all over, it's all over in a flash
I can't remember,
What have I done now?

Go go faster wider
More more get it down ya
Dance dance take me over
Glittering Cloudx2

oh, my head hurts
Oh dear oh dear.

It's all over the papers
On the TV, wagging tongues
The artist's impression looks just like me
only... better
Don't blame me, don't maim me, I can't help what I am
Oh, Lord knows i've tried to

Go go faster wider
More more get it down ya
Dance dance take me over
Glittering Cloud x2

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Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/14

This song ist realy beautifil and one of my favorits.

But I don't think it's about dinking too much but about how she herself over works. she must be better an better -> the best. And when she is on stage she doesn't realize it till ist over.

Love it | Reviewer: Sofia | 3/7/11

First of all, I must say that this is a dark but wonderful song. I get the impression that it's about drinking, especially in the refrain and also when she sings "Oh, my head hearts hurts" and "I can't remember, what have I done now?". She's blaming herself for what she becomes and what she does when she's drunk, because she have no self-control. She drinks so that all the dark clouds may glitter a bit, she wants to be taken away, over the clouds and get high above all her problems.

Wonderful, as usual | Reviewer: Liam | 9/5/10

All of her songs, or most of them at least, are excellent. The only problem I have with Hide and Seek is the fact that it has been twisted too many times.
Anyway, this song is wonderful. Immie 4 ever!!

Pure Genius | Reviewer: Tom Skander | 11/26/09

I love the fact that she has managed to humanize a swarm of locusts. To make it seem like a psychotic break that causes them to devour and destroy the way they do - and then remember nothing about it afterward. Its sheer genius is that it is also a very catchy song. I love Immi's work.

hooked | Reviewer: rita | 8/9/09

I have been a fan of Imogen Heap for quite a while now - all it took was hearing one song. I absolutely love her voice - so different from everyone else. Her songs actually tell a story - once again so different from all the rest. She is a winner in my book. I can listen to her all day long.

One of Imogen's goodies | Reviewer: Copydog | 11/4/08

Once I heard an album by Heap, but only some 2 songs were nice. However I like 3 pieces: Candlelight, Come here boy, and this one.
"Just for now live" (with realtime mixing by IH), is also quite pleasant, but I've heard it too many times and the oomph is now gone...

Awesome | Reviewer: Brit | 3/2/08

Awesome just like the title for my review suggested. I love almost all over her works. I never could get into the song sleep. But other then that they all rock. She has to come out with a new cd soon. I'm saving my money and everything. ^-^

Amazing | Reviewer: Kim H. | 2/11/08

Who would have thought that a song about a serial killer would attract such a following. I love the way she writes. She allows the listener to come up with there own picture. Instead of laying it out as many others do, she tells a story and you can run with it. Lots of emotion, feeling and soul. Thanks for another winner Immi. You rock!!!

RemusWife | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/16/07

Ahhh, thanks for the lyrics. I adore all of her songs, mainly Hide and Seek, Speeding Cars, and Glittering Clouds. She has such a different style of music, a welcome change from all of the hip hop and rap (not that I don't like that, because I do). It's very refreshing. =]

Stunning | Reviewer: terri | 10/28/07

This song is my favorite by her.
By the way, I DESPISE Hide and Seek. But Headlock, Shine, and Clear the Area are amazing too.

Amazing. | Reviewer: Rainey | 10/19/07

I started searching Imogen Heap after I heard the song "Congratulations" by Blue October. I heard an incredible voice behind the song, so I looked her up and listened to Hide and Seek, which I loved. Later, I searched Imogen on emusic and found this song. I listened to the snippet they gave you, and have ADORED it ever since.

incredible | Reviewer: Lauren | 9/6/07

ive always been in love with imogen's song hide and seek, its just so beautiful. but after hearing this, ive been absolutly hooked. she's such an incredible singer, and there's just something so inspiring about her songs - completely uplifting. ive been listening to this song for hours straight now. whoever hasnt heard it is seriously missing out.

Imogen Heap is love. | Reviewer: Sara | 8/14/07

Immi has the best lyrics ever. She's beautiful, talented, and smart. Perfect, if you ask me.

Bomb | Reviewer: Stormy | 8/13/07

This is perfect. I agree with the person below, I found the song looking for fan videos of Remus on youtube; now this song is like.. my favorite. I wish she'd put it on a CD..

Beautiful Voice | Reviewer: Cobalt | 8/12/07

The song was intended to be about the locust plague from the Bible. She took an alternative route and wrote it from the locusts' points of view. She has such an amazing voice and her music always inspires me.

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