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Becoming a bonafide living legend isn’t as easy as Glen
Campbell makes it look. First, you have to have a solid
foundation of talent on which to build — like being one of
the hottest guitar players in the world. Then you have to
record songs that will stand the test of time — standards
such as “By The Time I Get To Phoenix” and “Wichita
Lineman.” And of course, to be a “living” legend, you need
to survive the harsh reality of a celebrity lifestyle.
Check, check, and check.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to have a witty, bantering stage More...

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Review about Glen Campbell songs
butterfly of love | Reviewer: dw
    ------ About the song Elusive Butterfly performed by Glen Campbell

this beautifull song, is so under rated, music arrangement is second to none. the song could be anyone who had or has any kind of love story. one of the most profound songs i have expericed. first listen to song back in the 60's when i was about four yrs old, and like prev review, didnot hear it again until many yrs later, brought back so many memories, of a time in america, when so many cared for others, this song reflects that era. this rare compostion would not have been put together today, even if the material was available, just like the route 66 composition, that makes it especially precious today

I lived on the streets for a few years | Reviewer: themorgant
    ------ About the song Gentle On My Mind performed by Glen Campbell

and have always been in love and find the lyrics describe the way i remember and try to feel or (psychically) touch my true love wherever she lives, even if only in my deluded mind. At the moments I reach in or out I don't really care if I am trying something real to anyone else, I'll take the warmth from the cup or sun or wherever I can associate something, anything to keep my lover alive and real to me here and now. brings tears to my eyes and cheeks to hear it too.

Gentle On My Mind... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Gentle On My Mind performed by Glen Campbell

I heard this song on the radio this morning after not having heard it for many, many years. Even as a kid, I remember this song brought tears to my eyes. As an adult, the tears are a combination of happy childhood memories and tears for what I interpret the heart of the song to be. The bottom line is it's about a guy who can't stop loving the one woman who loved him enough to allow him his freedom; that's timeless, isn't it?... (This is not being posted by a guy.)

Hartford's genious work of perfection | Reviewer: Ed Silvercloud
    ------ About the song Gentle On My Mind performed by Glen Campbell

As a composer I grew up in 60's and 70's era of music (thanks God for it). Wrote a lotta songs and still write as a ghost writer for some of the biggest pop artists of today's trashy music! "
gentle on my mind" is a story of every man who longs to be free from the shackles of constraints of possessions of what today's social lifestyle offers. All the prophets of "facebook age" can take their plastic impersonal life and live in their misery of lonliness and despair. What a blessing to have lived in the 60's and 70's of music and not to minimize the once-in-a-million years of historical even I was part of ... the great Woodstock as a teen ager. Thank you John Hartford and Mr. Glen Campbel!

Today Is Mine available on cds | Reviewer: Jens
    ------ About the song Today Is Mine performed by Glen Campbell

The song was Jerry Reed (Hubbard) WHO recordeed it on an album titled "Oh What a Woman". As far as I know this album is unavaliable. But he later re-recorded it and in 2009 a compilation titled "Today is Mine" came out.

Glen Campbell recorded it for the "The Last Time I Saw Her" album. This was rerelased in 2013 on a double cd by BGO records that also contained the Goodtime and Try a Little Kindness albums. It is available on their website.

Like J Jones' mother I think this is a wonderful song, quite atypical of Jerry Reed's more wellknown wild songs.

Memories | Reviewer: Don Nicholls
    ------ About the song Try A Little Kindness performed by Glen Campbell

The words & tune just came to me, but i couldn't remember any words after with a heavy load. I did not recall any words after that. I have a few Glen Campbell records & will get it out & listen to that song. Thanks for helping me out.

Lyrics are Anonymous | Reviewer: Jim Woodward
    ------ About the song Let me be a little kinder performed by Glen Campbell

I have a copy of a book entitled "A Book of Living Poems" published by Albert Whitman & Company (Chicago) in 1946 which contains these lyrics on page 94 and entitled "My Daily Creed" and the author is "anonymous".

Illusive Dream of Love | Reviewer: Inspired
    ------ About the song Elusive Butterfly performed by Glen Campbell

'had a dream and woke up in tears. In my dream, I was hearing the lyrics to Elusive Butterfly of Love (which I had not heard in more years than I may care to tell). At any rate, the song was accompanied by a full orchestra in the most beautiful composition I had ever experienced I awoke in the midst of this performance and I was crying ... had such a strong sense that my mother, who died back in '83, had just past by my window. I googled this song to get the complete words and hopefully glean some insight into the lyrics by the composer. 'found no additional insights, but was once again brought to tears of love.

Gentle on My Ballroom Blitz | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Gentle On My Mind performed by Glen Campbell

If you want to hear a unique version of this song find Gentle on My Ballroom Blitz, a mash mix of Sweet and Glen Campbell.

It takes the best of two songs and creates a new one that is really good (IMHO).

    ------ About the song Impossible Dream (the Quest) performed by Glen Campbell

When one has taken on the task to champion the cause of correctness, they must face the endevour with all the vigor, voraciousness and vocabulary or dictionary at hand. As such in viewing the lyrics of the above song it was impossible for me not to assist you in becoming the paragons of perfect parables by pointing out that one must "right the unrightable wrong", not "write the unwriteable wrong". Seriously, thank you for this web site and the myriad of lyrics you make available to us all, it is a godsend! And count on the fact that if I come across another faux pas I will try to help you keep you standard supreme.

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