Glassjaw Lyrics

Daryl Palumbo - vocals
Justin Beck - guitar
Durijah Lang - drums
Manuel Carrero - bass

Glassjaw are a five-piece rock band from Long Island, New
York. Worship And Tribute is their Warner Bros. Records
debut album.

Love it or hate it, there is nothing comfortable, or
mundane about Worship And Tribute. Picture Elvis Costello
fronting the Bad Brains or Morrissey singing with Fugazi.
That may (or may not) clue you in to what Worship And
Tribute is all about. Painfully passionate and sonically
dense, Worship And Tribute is a unique post More...

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Review about Glassjaw songs
Indeed | Reviewer: You Cant Trust A Man With A Gun In His Hand a.k.a poop suspender with diarhhea terds
    ------ About the song Siberian Kiss performed by Glassjaw

I'm high right now and I don't know what I'm doing buy ill never regret anything. Also this is a good song I guess, cant really sat for certain but it seems to satisfy my ears

wowapatooie | Reviewer: Brittany
    ------ About the song Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence performed by Glassjaw

The ending where he screams "This is what it's like to be alone" literally brings me to tears every time. It feels like there's so much anger built up in just that one line and I love it. This song is so great.

Baleful eye | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Natural Born Farmer performed by Glassjaw

You claim acceptance for the time before
And you wait for all of us to offer up to get down /
She bleeds impression where the vows are torn
And fixes a baleful eye
On the head to the previous time /

Here you are! | Reviewer: The Shinigami
    ------ About the song Must Have Run All Day performed by Glassjaw

This song was with me in my deepest mental pain i felt. I was singing it each time i heard and damn i felt so different and easier. Those times are back in the past but this song still here touching the depth of my soul.. Thanks.

demons in, demons out | Reviewer: new glassjaw+interpol plz
    ------ About the song Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence performed by Glassjaw

the best glassjaw song in my opinion. The lyrics and emotion in this song is incredible. I highly reccomend this for any new gj listeners as well as oxycodone, two tabs of mescaline, el mark, lovebites and razorlines, and the gillette cavalcade of sports

a.boom.v.n. | Reviewer: a.boom.v.n.
    ------ About the song Her Middle Name Was Boom performed by Glassjaw

absolutely love this song, can´t believe there´s not even one comment here, -then again, never bothered myself to write something about it-. Wouldn´t know what to make of it, but it´s perfect, every little thing about this song is.

everyone´s middle name is boom from time to time, and to someone else as well.

we´re someone´s boom, when being boom.


beautifull programes........ | Reviewer: ANIL TAMRAKAR
    ------ About the song Radio Cambodia performed by Glassjaw


Your Radio has always been the leading channel in affrached the affection on it listners on account of its capasion to present beautiful programmes withen a united time in its own reculiar style...The sweet sound of its broadcast leaves the listners speel bound…Any ammount of appreciation will be indegnat e for your Radio …this is reflected by the ammount pairing style on listners feedback…The depres on knowledge & entertainment was appreciated by us only when we tuned to your Radio …The dimenation very from listners healthy current national & international with its political,economics & social contexty. In addition the culture heritage of the streat stafe Your Radio is always reflacted in the manner of presentation…The sweet & intoxicating voice with announcers proactivety draws us to warth Your Radio …This indeed was made us addicted & inseposeble from you……

Keeping Smile..




Great Song | Reviewer: Sean
    ------ About the song Mu Empire performed by Glassjaw

Great song...obviously about heroin/opiod addiction....hes referring to the painfull torterous time it takes to withdrawal and the easiest/most cliche/ironic thing to do is relapse....also mu= mu-opiod receptors all over your body especially in your brain and brain stem....look it up.

This Pen! | Reviewer: Cierra Phillips
    ------ About the song Pretty Lush performed by Glassjaw

This pin is my hearts desire.It will do anything you want.If you hurt yourself it will not be my fault its only your misstake.(im sorry im sorry im sorry).I just can't do this anymore.I Wake up and see you with your baby makes me think why im not trying my best.(im sorry im sorry im sorry.Can't you see that i want to be there with open arms. Its empty tonight and im alone come on get me through this one.I need you to know that( im sorry im sorry im so so so sorry).
i Want to be there for
Care for you
Dream for you
I Want you to know that im sorrrry im sorry.

that burning feeling | Reviewer: j
    ------ About the song Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence performed by Glassjaw

This song is about Daryl Palumbo's struggle with Crohn's disease.

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