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Nino Bless Glass Window Lyrics

Last updated: 01/24/2013 05:49:35 AM

I seek you out, fly you alive
One more way and you won’t survive!
And I’m not scared
And I’m not scared of your stolen power
I see right through you anyhow!

Yeah, scandalous men
Praying, wanna see me strangled on my brain
Hanging, dangling from my brim
Damn it, I feel, but I’m standing again
Like … on my ankles,
I swim through the sharks of blood gash from my skin raw
My heart…
Shit is branded within
I handled my sins, mend up, then I stand my amends
I kindly carry my fam through this famine…
Trapping was tense,
But I be damn if I’ll be trapped and contained
No! Imagine me settle for less then that’s a pretty picture
Aim it, cause you can paint it
Hate it, save it, the greater body to evase
..I give them that feeling like tooth decay
The rules are staying, these students want the school the game
Giving ‘em inch to take up foot
It’s no wonder why the rulers change!
My mood’s the same, I maneuver into my blame
I’m removing the truest, I hide you just… flame

I seek you out, fly you alive
One more way and you won’t survive!
And I’m not scared
And I’m not scared of your stolen power
I see right through you anyhow!

You gave my all when I perform this for you
As long as my thought are… until I shuffle on this…
Realize is no loyalty in this industry
When friends turn in enemies just to protect their entity!
To … or get richer
Got a post.. the wall is here but they don’t see the big picture
Pimps in the street get this
My success led to the… of the Mrs…
Feed it and read, bitches!
Please, aside from these creeps in my zone
The government ties watching me do my iPhone
Easily located, seem to be more…
And all the wrongs aggravated.. and ain’t motivated!
The more hated, the more mistakes…
They try me friend or foe,
I treat them both like they’re the same!
It’s like they’re breaking bad scenes,
This ain’t my name, you know it!
I’m here to take it all, and do you worst than David Blaine!

I won’t soothe your pain
I won’t ease your strain
You’ll be waiting in vain
I got nothing for you to gain!

Why the fuck am I here?

What if the silence is really louder than a noise?
And what if my consciousness is really guided with my voice?
I sit in writing, envision life in a different light
I’m manifesting with gripping mics like a wizard fight
So sick that I might get a kitchen knife
Then I’ll grip my wrist up tight
Stacking slices till I read the life that we’re living twice!
Die how I die two times in a row and tripping night
This is just the life of the Israel light that isn’t white!
I’m getting deeper in the net with every gigabyte
Next of where hard wear giving.. advice
Kicking like a razor when the chicken bite
Run across the rebel like a…
I come across and I come across
Then I wipe it on a sinner’s forehead till it come in soft
Love is loss, love is loss, I’m like fuck ‘em all
Who would have thought the son of God is a…?

I’m taking it slow
Feeding my flame
Shuffling the cards of your game
And just in time
In the right place
Suddenly I will play my ace (x2)

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