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Backstreet Boys Give Me Your Heart Lyrics

Last updated: 01/03/2010 11:00:00 AM

Can I have a talk with you Let me walk you home from school I've got something that's on my mind And I don't know just what to do See girl I've been watching you And I think I'm a little sprung Can't seem to get my mind off you Keep thinking about I think that you're the one

So won't you just listen to me There's so much I wanna say Girl I've got this love for you You can have it your way everyday I will treat you right I will never lie Girl I promise to you that I won't make you cry Do the same for me And tell me you're feeling the way that I do

CHORUS: Girl give me your love I'll give you my heart Let's put them together See what we can start I wanna be with you Do you wanna be with me I wanna be with you (2x)

All those people they talk about It's only a puppy love They say our feelings cannot be real But we know the deal I just don't know what to do Cause girl I'm so crazy about you And I know it's not wrong Because I wanna be everything that you need

BRIDGE: I'm gonna walk you home from school I wanna help with your homework, homework And when you need a kiss or two I'll be the one Girl if you say yes to me I promise that I will not I will never leave I'll be right by you side Girl my love for you I cannot hide


Girl I wanna be everything that you need Cause I aim to please And it's like that and that's the way it is My heart don't deny Just don't say goodbye You'll still be