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(Verse 1)
Its been a while since I've seen your face,
Gotta say that I'm happy to see you come around my place.
Now I think we've talked about it
and I think I know what's coming up next,
lets put our minds away and let our hormones do the rest. Does it seem obscene, does it seem like a bad thing?
Well if it is I'm sorry miss, but you know I'm just 19.
So don't be afraid if my pants start to leak.
you know damn well I'm in my sexual peak.

Why don't you have some dirty hot sex with me?
It aint like I'm askin you to give it up for free.
We can start it right now baby get on your knees,
don't make me beg again girl I just said please.
yeah (1stx)

(Verse 2)
Now when you look down don't be misled.
I found my lifes purpose and its getting up stairs and into your bed
Well there's the phone girl go right on ahead.
I'm sure youd rather be with your stupid boyfriend instead!


Why you gotta sleep with my dad?


(Chorus 2)
oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
Baby get on your knees! oh yeah oh yeah
I'm beggin you darlin please. oh yeah oh yeah
Baby get on your knees! oh yeah oh yeah
I'm beggin you darlin please
please...please...please me.....

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Jimmy is a faggot | Reviewer: Skylar (Jesus) | 4/28/10

wow i know it was 2 years ago, but Jimmy is a fucking fag, people like that are the people who can't see the true values of music, its people like that, that listen to music to be cool, fighting to be a bigger fan than someone else, in my mind i see it as this, your either a fan or not a fan, not like ranks of fanhood and whos cooler than the next fan, why are you gonna argue with someone that shares the same interest as you, people need to grow up

stfu jimmy | Reviewer: kaiego | 11/11/08

How the hell can you be a poser for liking a song?
I'm betting you haven't even been to see them, and before you say 'oh yeah i saw them in *insert random place here*' remember this NO ONE CARES. why cant you just be a normal person and say you like the song and the band? I'm guessing your a 13 year old who spends all his free time trying to win retarded fights via internet.
I hope you get stabbed in the eye with a glue stick and your balls get caught in a bears mouth (thats assuming you had any in the first place)

Btw i fucking love this song!! havnt seen the guys live but if they come to the uk im there for sure!

paralympics on the net much?

morons | Reviewer: Jimmy | 5/20/08

Youre all posers. unless you guys have actually gone to see these dudes and you enjoy ALL repeat ALL of their songs and not just this one then you dont like Pepper you just say you like them and have only heard this song, which makes you posers.

awesome song | Reviewer: Nadya | 10/23/07

i love this song it brings good memories back its a totally awesome song and pretty damn funny too lol

Wrong line | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/24/07

In the first verse its actually Don't be afraid if my pants start to leak.

sweet | Reviewer: Tiffany | 4/5/05

I love this song! it f*n rocks! haha yeah on a scale of 1-10 id def give it like a 50

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