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Rise Against Give It All Lyrics

Last updated: 09/29/2013 12:59:49 PM

Break through the undertow,
your hands I can't seem to find,
Pollution burns my tongue,
cough words I can't speak so I

Stop my struggling,
then I float to the surface,
Fill my lungs with air,
then let it out

I give it all, now there's a reason why I sing,
So give it all, and it's these reasons that belong to me

Rock bottoms where we live,
and still we dig these trenches,
To bury ourselves in them,
backs breaking under tension

For far too long these voices,
muffled by distances,
It's time to come to our senses,
up from the dirt

We give it all, now there's a reason why I sing,
So give it all, and it's these reasons that belong to me

Breathe (breathe),
the air we give (give),
the life we live (live),
our pulses racing distances(breathe),
so wet my tongue (give),
break into song (live),
through seas of competition

So please believe your eyes, a sacrifice,
Is not what we had in our minds,
I'm coming home tonight, home tonight

We give it all, now there's a reason why I sing,
So give it all, and it's these reasons that belong to me

Today I offer all myself to this I'm living for my dying wish,
I give it all, now there's a reason, there's a reason, to give it all

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emo, punk, whatever | Reviewer: Jess | 5/17/13

Personally, when I think of emo songs I think of anything particularly whiny. But that's just my opinion. I don't see any point in carrying on about it but I do see Rise against as mostly punk. I love this song because I considar myself a rocknroll girl and this is great because they keep the music awesome and It's a song that you just wanna blast. like Billy Joel said, "It's still rock and tool to me."

My interpretation (and side note) | Reviewer: TraceurPunk | 11/27/12

Give It All is about, well, giving your all. Even when life kicks your ass up one side of the street and down the other, you get back up, kick it's ass right back. Standing up for your reasons. "Now theres a reason why I sing!" And about how anyones reason for living is just as good as anyone else's. "And it's these reasons that belong to me!"

Side note: Emo sprang off of punk, off of the bad feelings, and mixed with pop. While usually retaining the electric guitars/bass/drums setup, they tend to focus on popular issues, usually depression and love. Rise Against is Alt.Punk, keeping the idea of standing up for what's right, while making their songs more or less positive. More of a "We'll come out better, not worse." feel, unlike traditional Punk. People who call RA "Emotional" are not stupid, simply uninformed, or to be blunt, ignorant.

Great Music. Stupid Lyrics. | Reviewer: Guntario | 11/3/12

They're still one of my favorite bands, but their lyrics are stupid. I bet in 10 years, they'll hate themselves for having written them. What will happen if their political views become more evolved instead of blowing with the political winds?

To any1 who compares RA with "emos" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/23/12

any1, who say that Rise Against are "emo" band - are totally idiots. They aren't sing about how they are sitting and crying, they aren't singing about suicide! they sing about politician, social, ecological problems of human race! as 4 me they changed my life wiev and i'm at Grean Peace now

Emo? | Reviewer: RALF | 2/16/12

I personnaly wouldn't describe rise against as emo although I can see why others do. But alot of rise against's songs are about political points, such as deforestation and Fairtrade, as is clearly visible from there videos. To me this makes them seem more like sort of hardcore eco warriors. Anyway they're a great band and I think deserve all the recognition they have and more.

Emotion | Reviewer: Anon | 9/5/11

"someone said emo is a subgenre of punk, no it's not :) they have nothing in common..."

Actually Nigel, Emo, believe it or not, did spring off from punk influences during the 1970's along with grunge. Your mixing emo up with scene.

rise againstt | Reviewer: Nigel | 8/21/11

someone said emo is a subgenre of punk, no it's not :) they have nothing in common... well maybe those sellout fashion punks maybe xD but otherwise nothing in common, not the same ideas, diffrent music, they only seek attention... i love rise against it gives me fuckin energy, i'm allways hyper when i listen to this song :)

Dude | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/11

This is my favorite song ever. Doesn't matter what genre it is or anything. It's kick ass, the one that got me into Rise Against. I listen to it everyday, and it gives me a reason to get up every morning and stand for what's right, whether you belive it's preserving the eco system or your rights to drive a big car that emits a hell of a lot of gas.

so what? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/11

if emo is because of emotive, then, all the music styles are emo, what make emo a band? if they talk about emotions, what make them stop been emo? if they talk about something else, like, do something about the emotions,if they say, im angry. they are emo, if they say, im angry because of it, so i will d something about it, they wll be, punk, metal, or something else,this song is greate, and its not emo, if it talk about something to do with what the feel or think.

choices | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/18/11

its your choice to listen to what you want if you dont like then dont listen to it but dont sit there and talk crap about it it was your choice not any one elses if you dont like it change the song.

Seriously? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/28/11

Wow it's come to a point where people can't even listen to a song without disagreeing about something it's stupid! Just listen to it and enjoy it and if you don't like then don't say anything and move on with your live.

Got anything better to do? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/22/11

Jesus Christ stop yelling at other people you don't even know over the Internet. If you think it's emo, good for you nobody cares! If you think its punk, good for you nobody cares! RESPECT EACHOTHERS OPINIONS
- one of few people who realize how pointless arguments like these are

complete opposite of emo | Reviewer: Kevin | 12/7/10

Rise Against's music is about how hard you can get hit, but still get up and keep going, not to let yourself be victimized by anyone or anything, and making the best out of everything and pulling through when things aren't going your way...fighting back instead of whining about it. And their name speaks for itself, if that wasn't enough to know that they are the exact opposite of emo. Musically and lyrically.

emo? not exactly | Reviewer: Rimusa | 9/5/10

Emo is a subgenere of punk (actually, I think it might be some kind of post-hardcore punk). Emo music does have mostly sad themes, but it is too heavy to be depressed while listening to it that's why...
EMOS DON'T LISTEN TO EMO MUSIC; they listen to other kinds of music with the same themes but not as hardcore as these.
On the other hand, Rise Against's only album which might be considered emo is The Sufferer and the Witness. The other ones are either Hardcore punk or Pop punk.
Almost none of their songs are really about love or any other feelings towards another human being, they also have another meaning.

this aint emo :P | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/10

i don't think people listen this music when they're sad
i mean this song boost u up like Monster Energy seriously this song makes me even happier then i already am Rise Against is a cool band and that's what matters :) Awesome song and everyone could listen to this... i dont think alot people dislike it personally but when they're with groups it's all about hip hop then (mostly)