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Oh baby here comes the sound
I took a train outta New Orleans
And they shot me full of ephedrine
This is how we like to do it in the murder scene
Can we settle up the score

If you were here
I'd never have a fear
So go on live your life
But I miss you more than I did yesterday

You're beautiful

Well I'm a total wreck and almost every day
Like the firing squad or the mess you made
Well don't I look pretty walking down the street
In the best damn dress I own

If you were here
I'd never have a fear
So go on live your life
But I miss you more than I did yesterday
You're so far away
So c'mon show me how
'Cause I mean this more than words can ever say

Might say
We are
Made from the sharpest things
You say
We are young and we don't care
Your dreams and your hopeless hair
We never wanted it to be this way
For all our lives
Do you care at all

If you were here I'd never have a fear
So go on live your life
But I miss you more than I did yesterday
You're so far away
So come on show me how
'Cause I mean this more than words can ever say

(What'd you call me?)
(Well, there's no way I'm kissing that guy)

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If you dont like MCR why the hell are you on this page | Reviewer: Ayla | 12/12/11

Did you guys have to bring the whol goth and emo thing into a page about a grat song 4 the record emo and goth ar 2 tntaly difrent things emo stands for emotional who ever thinks goths are emotional you are insane im 12 and i hear people say shes so young and emo or goth but its relly just my style im a punk rock chik mt goth or emo sometimes i like to paint my nails a something other than black (but never pink or purple) buteny way about the song its awesomthe way Gerard puts all his strenth into the song i havent got the cd yet aut im amped for christmas coz im getting it and you guys did a grat job writing the song MCR YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

It's Alternative Rock | Reviewer: Akira | 11/30/11

"Basically, it's never been accurate to describe us. Emo bands were being booked while we were touring with Christian metal bands because no one would book us on tours. I think emo is fucking garbage, it's bullshit. I think there's bands that unfortunately we get lumped in with that are considered emo and by default that starts to make us emo." - Gerard Way.
It's not emo or gothic rock, it's ALTERNATIVE ROCK, POP-PUNK, and POST-HARCORE.

Great | Reviewer: Emmi | 7/4/11

Um, dumbasses, MCR is gothic rock, it's one of their genres.
Why don't you guys look it up before you look like an asshole.
Goths can listen to MCR an your right, it doesnt matter anyway. Goths can listen to anything they want. And being goth doesn't have to have anything to do with music. It's style, it's still goth.

What is this song about???????? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/11

i dont understand this song at all...... but i love it..... do you have to understand to love??????
i also dont get the goth/emo rants why does it matter????
would somebody explain the song for less deep peoples like myself

to whoever said: "To who ever said goths don't listen to mcr" | Reviewer: Loki | 6/3/11

okay, actually goths don't listen to mcr. goth is not "people with a dark aesthetic" it is people who listen to gothic rock, deathrock, and darkwave. you can be a goth and shop at hollister and american eagle. it has nothing to do with aesthetic. it's all music. many goths follow a dark aesthetic, but it's all about the music. to be a goth, you must listen to gothic rock and the other genres i mentioned, otherwise you are just "a person with dark aesthetic", not a goth. sorry this has nothing to do with the song, but it had to be said. I guess I'll say something about mcr then... Bullets and Three Cheers are their 2 best albums. they are simply amazing, and they (especially Bullets) help me through the hard times and keep me sane. yeahh....

Great | Reviewer: Emmi | 5/9/11

I luv this song!
And that's why I'm looking up the lyrics...
But hey, can someone tell me what this song means?
For real? Because I JUST noticed "there's no way in kissing that guy"
And, I just wanna know, WTF does that mean?
And he's all like, "Don't I look pretty walked down the street, in the best dam dress I own"
I luv MCR, I know everything about them,
I love thier first album, about demolition and love and whatever.
Their second, about murder and life on the murder scene, revenge,
Their third, about cancer, and fourth, about fighting evil in a cool car in the desert so don't talk shit bout MCR and emos and goth. I'm goth and I listen to MCR so shut the fuck up.
Someone tell me what this songs about though, I just dot get it

amazing song | Reviewer: Someone | 2/8/11

this song is amazing. nuff said. people need to quit sterotyping and labeling and just enjoy the music. who said you had to be a certain label just to like certain music? thats the stupidest thing i have ever heard. I don't label although people have labeled me all kinds of things, who cares what you label yourself as or what others call you. it's about the music. not the stereotypes. get over it.

Shut up | Reviewer: DepechePartyPoison | 12/9/10

Look motherfuckers goth and emo are two different things i wont deny that but music is music we are all the alternative crowd arent we? why the fuck are we fighting about who listens to MCR, i liked "Bullets" the best out of their albums but i also like "Revenge" and The Black Parade why the hell does it matter. And no goth would be caught dead listening to this? I listen to Bauhaus and MCR and so far that hasnt caused me to be ungoth in any circles whatsoever. It dosen't matter what you think of MCR if you hate them then why are you on this page? and if you call yourself goth stop making fun of "emos" they go through the same shit we do and theres no reason to hate them.

Yeah, it's a great song. :) | Reviewer: Amanda | 3/20/10

First thing I wanna say: ATTENTION TO (most of) THE FUCKING RETARDS WHO POSTED BEFORE ME: Enough with all the goddamn emo and goth talk! You are supposed to be reviewing Give Em Hell Kid, not whining about which stereotype listens to MCR. Nobody wants to fucking hear it. I personally am not emo or goth, though I dress the part sometimes, but MCR is my favorite band. GET OVER IT, YOU BIGOTED ASSHOLES!
Now, to review the song: this is probably my favorite MCR song (besides Teenagers) for the message. It's about a [pregant] girl that feels alone and just needs some support in life. I too feel alone sometimes and wish somebody would care about me for once. I like the part after the second chorus the best, it sounds pretty sweet. 'We are young and we don't care!' That's my favorite line. The song is also very fun to sing, much like all the other MCR songs. =)
Thanks if you read my review and stuck with me through the ranting at the beginning.

Awesome Song | Reviewer: Bethany | 12/28/09

I'm a devoted MCR fan, have been forever, Not just because they are all sexy... lol, i wont deny it tho. But because they changed my life. I was cutting and was deeply emo, i wanted to die and all that shit. Then i heard Cancer, and liked the song and i started listening to their other music... And like all other fans i was heartbroken at first when Gee got married... But now im just plain happy for him. Lyn-Z was a good choice.

To the fucktard who posted about goths. | Reviewer: rei | 10/4/09

Goths have a meaning. And they DON'T listen to MCR. A true goth wouldn't be caught listening to this. If you wanna be goth, listen to some god damn bauhaus or some alien sex fiend. God dammit.

By the way, MCR is bad. Their old stuff, good. New stuff...uhg.

To who ever said goths don't listen to mcr | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/09

If u aren't a goth then don't try to say something u have no understanding of, We[goths] listen to whatever we want, stop trying to stereotype us like were all the same.
Goth has no true meaning except a cliche name for those who like dark asthietic art and styles. So I'f u aren't a true goth or are knowledgable of us then don't say anything.
Mcr is a very unique and good band stereotyping(-.-) aside.

great song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/09

I love this song.

mcr have always said they are NOT emo. and they are NOT telling people to hurt themselves. they speak out against self harm and suicide every chance they get!

but some of the mcr fans that are leaving comments are missing the whole point of what the band is saying. they say you should treat people with respect and just be kind. if you flip out at anyone else who wrote a comment here, you're missing the point. its good to stick up for the music but please do it in a nice way.

i really think mcr is amazing, and i know they have changed my life. thanks guys<3

i love this song | Reviewer: Lauren | 6/2/09

i don't like that people say that being emo is "showing your emotions" because i don't at all and people call me that.

and i don't dress all "emo" or like the stereotype.

i love this song, but i'm not emo. haha. and maybe people who do have problems and everything do listen to them. what's wrong with that? MCR isn't telling people to go commit suicide, they're saying that you shouldn't harm yourself. that's why people who seem "depressed" listen to them.

Stereotypes? | Reviewer: HALFjodii | 5/10/09

wtf? why are we stereotyping everything?
you can listen to any music, you dont have to be emo to listen to mcr. You can be anyone. goths can listen to them. Fuck, just cos your stereotyped doesnt mean you cant listen to certain music.
Just get over all the stereotyping.

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