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Beenie Man Girls Way Lyrics

Last updated: 09/25/2000 09:25:57 PM

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Who lordy, lordy, lordy, lordy ,lordy
Who nah na nah na nigh stabba
Da ba nigh, fi di gal dem me cry
Why, woh nah na nah na nigh stabba
Da ba nigh nah na na nigh anyway


I'm moving on di gal dem way(GAL DEM WAY)
Don't yuh tek man fi gay(MAN A NUH GAY)
Ge mi suzan & fay every day, a wan yu hear wa mi say(YAHH)
Moving on di gal dem way (GAL DEM WAY)
Don't yuh tek man fi gay (MAN A NUH GAY)
Gimme suzan & fay (NIGHT OR DAY)
Oonu fi hear weh me say(WELL)

Gal di way yuh hot yuh have mi body under PRESSURE
Yuh have yuh mi have mi gal , so i nuh really MATTER
Gal di way yuh under mi skin a juk mi like MACKA
Gal dem want di pressure gal dem want WASHER
Gal dem want di man fi give dem wuk, cause i'm di DOCTOR
Gal dem want di steam fish & di ockra in a dem STRUCTURE
Way di gal dem love mi want fi be mi baby MOTHER
Gal dem want fi hold mi, gal dem all a grab MI
Gal dem see mi out a road a call walking BEAUTY
Gal dem say mi ease, gal dem say mi IRIE
Why di gal dem love mi, mi nuh have nuh ITSY BITSY
So, tru yuh see mi beenie, true yuh see mi TEENIE
Gal want come undress mi, (BUT ANYWAY)


Just di other day mi spend a small HILODAY
Down a suzette land & mi go land BUFF BAY
Mi reach a flatbush mi walk di africans WAY
When mi reach di round a bout dem gi mi di right a WAY
Gal dem want di hoter, gal dem want di PEPPER
Gal dem want di man fi set dem body pon FIRE
Gal dem want a lover, dem nuh want nuh NYAMER
Dem nuh want nuh man fi come & treat dem like nuh BUYER
Gal dem want a worker, gal want a DRIVER
Gal dem want a man fi work dem like a car TYRE
Gal dem want fi land, gal dem want mi HAND
Gal dem want a man fi mek dem spin like a FAN
Cho dem want di long mawga man, BUT ANYWAY


Gal di way yuh tall mi want fi have yuh like mi SWORD
Upper mixing lab yuh like mi mixing BOARD
Gal mi nuh affi punch yuh, gal mi nuh affi patch YUH
Gal yuh good a ready so mi really nuh affi fix YUH
Gal mi just a rub yuh down a kiss & all caress YUH
Gal mi want fi strip yuh mi wifey nuh affi know YUH
Me ready fi go funish d apartment gi YUH
Gal mi a di bass & yuh a di drum hear di punch line COME



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