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The Girls Aloud phenomenon began right back in the summer
of 2002 when ITV launched Popstars: The Rivals in order to
find a girl group and a boy band who would compete for the
Christmas number one.

Hit producer Pete Waterman, ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell
and Westlife manager Louis Walsh were recruited as judges,
whilst Davina McCall became the shows main presenter.

In a matter of weeks, thousands of young hopefuls
auditioned to become part of one of the two groups. More...

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Review about Girls Aloud songs

remember me | Reviewer: elizabeth hamilton
    ------ About the song Crazy Fool performed by Girls Aloud

i know girls aloud they r my best mates cheryl used to go to my secondary school before she went popular... we still talk but not that much because they travel a lot and nadine don't even think that girl aloud and she are best friends!!!!! xxx she thinks that they just band mates but not friend and so nadine dont hang out that much to them... xxxxx luv u girls aloud my best mates.....

see ya artic monkeys | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Love Machine performed by Girls Aloud

i toltaly disagree!!! its girls aloud taking the pis out of the artic monkys because girls aloud rocks!!! plus this is my best song. i once sang it infront of my school (250 people)for the talent show and i won. everyone said it was the best song they ever lisened to.

fave song | Reviewer: anon
    ------ About the song Untouchable performed by Girls Aloud

this is kind of more of an electronica sound to it and its my favourite girls aloud song because they dont normally do this type of music but it works so well. I love it when nadine sing 'whenever your gone, they wait at the door....' thats the best bit
LOVE this song though!

lifeundersol | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I'll Stand By You performed by Girls Aloud

I heard this song before but did not pay attention to the words. Then one day I was driving contemplating the lord and life after burring my Mother the day before, this song came on the radio. But for one word in the lyrics the words came from God. Even that one word can be interpreted as a metaphor.

ooooooooo !!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Tara
    ------ About the song The Show performed by Girls Aloud

By the way kayleigh nadine does not need to be kicked out of the band nd she can sing id like to see u become famous and sing in fron of millions of pple nd no shes not a slag nd any way how would u know oh yehh nd whenn u do become famous gimmee a ring on 0121 fuckin do one x

Girls Aloud Rock!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Tara
    ------ About the song Love Machine performed by Girls Aloud

omg i love girls aloud they are so beatiful especialy nadine i love that name my favourite is nadine then cheryl then it would have to be nicola and then kimberley then sarah but dnt get me wrong i love sarch and kimberly even tho they are last on my list x

Oh my God!!! | Reviewer: LongSMSH
    ------ About the song Whole Lotta History performed by Girls Aloud

this is of course the greatest song ever of Girls Aloud. They used to sing dancing song but their every ballad is always awesome, like this and I'll stand by you or Life got cold. Girls Aloud deserve a place in the hall of fame of legendary UK girlbands like Spice Girls, Atomic Kitten or Sugababes!!!

Good music Crap Lyrics!! | Reviewer: Anon
    ------ About the song Love Machine performed by Girls Aloud

Overall i like this song it has good music but looking over the lyrics its awful!!
"Loving me is as easy as pie"
Seriously thats gotta be the stupidist line to put in a song.
much prefer the artic monkeys version cause they take the mic out of the girls aloud version and their version rocks!
Its a shame that girls aloud had to sing this song cause there a good band but these lyrics seriously do take the piss

Awful!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Teenage Dirtbag performed by Girls Aloud

I have to say that Girls Aloud have ruined this song!! (But thats my opinion) I think Wheatus sings it sooo much better I mean come on, songs sound way better from the person who originally sung it!! The songs dont sound as good when some pop group slightly changed the lyrics and re-sing it!!!

Inappropriate | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Teenage Dirtbag performed by Girls Aloud

I feel the tone of the Girls Aloud version doesn't reflect the lyrics. The original song is about estrangement and fits very well with the alternative rock genre, whereas Girl Aloud are rather blatantly mainstream pop. It's very hard to take them seriously when they talk about being outcasts in a school. I think particularly they undermine the final verse, where the revelation is more like "Wow, we're both shallow!" instead of being about the girl revealing that she's not quite as generic-whitebred sorta person as the singer thought.

Also, I think Girls Aloud changed the "he drives an Iroc" line to "he drives while I rock"

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