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Jamie O'Neal Girlfriends Lyrics

Last updated: 03/02/2005 11:00:00 AM

I've been starin' all day at the same computer screen
'round here I'm treated like I'm just some damn machine
I punch in, I tune out, nobody cares what I'm all about
But at five that ends, they're waitin' for me, my girlfriends

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we're gonna get loud no doubt we're gonna get crazy
yeah, yeah, yeah, who acres if we do some damage to our reputation
guys can come and go life can turn around and let you down so fast
but if you need that one sure thing that's gonna last
girlfriends kick ass

It doesn't even matter if I show up in a bad mood
They're gonna make me laugh and change my attitude
here's to one more, and me and my girls out on the floor
We'll dance all night long so, come on mister DJ play our song

When we're together I can't help feelin' fine
oh yeah, everything's alright
tomorrow's comin' it'll be here soon enough
but nothin's buggin' us tonight
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