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I saw her, yea I saw her
With her black tongue tied round the roses

A fist pounding on a vending machine
Toy diamond ring stuck on her finger
With a noose she can hang from the sun
And put it out with her dark sunglasses
Walking crooked down the beach
She spits on the sand
Where their bones are bleaching

And I know I'm gonna steal her life
She doesn't even know what's wrong
And I know I'm gonna make her die
Take her where her soul belongs
And I know I'm gonna steal her life
Nothing that I wouldn't try

Hey, my cyanide girl
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Hey, my cyanide girl
My my cyanide girl
Hey, my cyanide girl

I saw her, yea I saw her
With her hands tied back
Rags a' burnin'
Calling out from a landfilled life
Scrawlin' her name upon the ceiling
Throw a coin in a fountain of dust
White noise, her ears are ringing
Got a ticket for my midnight hanging
Throw a bullet from a freight train leaving

And I know I'm gonna steal her life
She doesn't even know what's wrong
And I know I'm gonna make her die
Take her where her soul belongs
And I know I'm gonna steal her life
Nothing that I wouldn't try

Hey, my cyanide girl
Hey, my cyanide girl
My my cyanide girl
Hey, my cyanide girl

Hey, my cyanide girl
Hey, my cyanide girl
My my cyanide girl
Hey, my cyanide girl

Hey, my cyanide girl
Hey, my cyanide girl
My my cyanide girl
Hey, my cyanide girl

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Why this shit is rong | Reviewer: Rorschach | 4/3/13

First it isn't cyanide girl it's fucking sun eyed girl dumb asses
Second it goes "yeah I saw her with A black tongue tied"
Third its " she spits IN the sand where THE the bones are bleaching "
I have yet to find correct lyrics to this song so please for fuck sake somebody fucking correct this!

Indicment of brain chemistry altering drugs | Reviewer: smeghead | 9/7/11

Cheery tune with a dark lyric. Before I watched the vid, the lyrics made me think it was about the murder of a disaffected girl.

After seeing the vid, it seems to be an indictment of the U.S. pharma-friendly culture. It is an allegory of an poor, uneducated but 'good' girl who is being led astray by the pervasiveness of brain chemistry altering drugs. She is having a good time, "Nothing that I wouldn't try" is quoting her. The killer that knows he's going to take her life is ecstasy/acid

This is the type of social commentary that I expect from Beck.

Allegorical | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/11

I've always heard the chorus as 'sonnet girl', cyanide has 3 distinct syllables and i think they'd be more distinct. That said, this is Beck we're talking about. If it's his 'cyanide girl' then, in the same way that a cyanide capsule is something you take to kill yourself, his assiociating with this girl is voluntary but self destructive. The lines about stealing her life and making her die is that by associating with her he'll kill the dream image of her he has from afar. In this way he believes that, by being with her, he'll diminish her and 'steal her life'. In summary, he loves the idea from a distance of this free spirited woman who has him spellbound but he also knows full well that if he gets with her he'll try to change her and make her 'proper' (take her where her soul belongs), he'll feel like he's killed her and therefore deserves his hanging. That's my 2 pence for what it's worth, chew the fat on it my friends.

I think i got it... | Reviewer: joe schmoe | 6/1/11

It's about dating a girl that doesn't understand you (She doesn't even know what's wrong), but loves(or at least thinks she does)you
he's singing about dating a girl that he doesnt love, he knows hes gonna break her heart hence- "And I know I'm gonna make her die"
essentially he feels lust, not love and knows that he has to break up with her and thats gonna break her heart her

btw, cyanide is poisonous

opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/11

I my opinion, this song is about a serial killer who stalks his victim and seduces her to the point where he traps her and keeps her hostage for a few days and then in the end kills her. I don't think Beck is singing from his own perspective, more from a killer's perspective.. Also I think he just did this because it's his own way of making people think. I listened to this song maybe 20 times, thinking it was a happy summer song, and that he was singing, my summer girl... It was not until I looked up the lyrics that it suddenly became clear to me. It is brilliant in my opinion, absolutely brilliant, he has made a catchy song with a dark and interesting story in it. I don't think it is all metaphorical and stuff, you are thinking to much of it, if you do think so.. It was just his way of waking everybody up and reminding them to pay attention to music and what you are exactly listening to... a brilliant masterpiece from Beck...

Perhaps...? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/11

On the beck website under the lyrics section it says my...girl so perhaps beck was trying to get us thinking while listening to the song and come to our own conclusion about what the word in the middle is? Just my thoughts anyways great song! And all the ideas that I've heard all work well so idk... :/

Uhm | Reviewer: steve | 12/23/10

I'm fairly sure that the reason the song is so dark and disturbing is because of the happy chord progression and melody. That's sort of what the video for it is about, looking beyond what you first see, not judging a book by its cover. The first couple of times I heard this song when I was but a lad, I thought, "Huh, what a good song". But when you look beyond it, you can sort of see why he chose the video to be as such, as it fits the song

serial killer | Reviewer: Kat | 10/5/10

this song is about a serial killer stalking a girl, who is unaware of his intentions. The predator is following her... he even describes various death scenes and alludes to his own midnight hanging.

re: anonymous | Reviewer: nick | 6/1/10

he's probably referring to a cyanide cap that is used to commit suicide. most commonly known due to its usage in espionage, often placed under the tongue by operatives or spys who'd rather kill themselves than be tortured or interrogated. i assume he's talking about a cyanide cap as opposed to the actual acid itself or summer, burns, etc.

Review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/10

I don't know what to think. I looked up the meaning for 'cyanide.' It is a mineral that I don't care to describe, so maybe it means something about burning and acid. Its a curiouse idea, and there are a lot of different reasons as to what this could mean. There is a lot about summer and the beach. Maybe it's somethign about killing her, perhaps? I don't know. Eeveryone on here seems to think that it is 'sun-eyed' girl. I thought I'd put what I found out and someone could post a valid reason as to what this means. My friend thinks its about taking a drunken girl into a van and doing certain things to her.

Esekiel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/10

Beautiful song. If you see the video, It`s clear that the song is about a girl that have committed suicide after a bad love affair. And the lirycs says that he feels guilty about seducing her and abandoning her.

Lyrics, chorus, cyanide girl... | Reviewer: Bob | 12/21/09

For a catchy beat, the lyrics are pretty cruel don't you think? Maybe that's the bait to have you wondering why on Earth would Beck take a murderous route to a song. I call it free expression of dark art wearing a toy diamond ring... I would like to listen to it more but I feel awkward.

The Elusive Chorus | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/09

I love this song, and it always makes me feel good, but I think I've finally figured out the hook. To me, it sounds like "My sonnet girl", which would make sense, because he's describing a girl so far from the classic beauty of the mainstream (the common subject of sonnet poetry) but he says he loves her instead, so she's HIS sonnet girl. Just a thought.

..alternative rock-olution!.. | Reviewer: Azeez rilwan | 8/27/09

..well, I guess since he's been talking about the sun, beach, sun glasses,..then it might only be logical to think the chorus is 'my sun-eyed girl' guys cant believe how much I love this song-been on repeat play on my phone for almost 30mins!..alternative rock's already becoming my best kind of rock(formerly punk) and the likes of the killers, angels and airwaves and beck are just making it sweeter!..

here's what i hear... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/09

Great song! Here's what I'm hearing and I'm pretty sure I hear an "f" and I know I'm gonna steal her LIFE" so I don't think it's "eye"...

oh and the other part has to be "sun-eyed girl" you can hear a "d" at the end

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