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Babyface Girl In The Life Magazine Lyrics

Last updated: 01/20/2000 02:13:10 AM

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written by Babyface (1997)
performed by Boyz II Men

I fell in love with the girl in the picture
That I used to keep
Carried her 'round in the back of my pocket
She was always with me
I imagine that I was a man of importance
And she had a fancy for me
And I use to dream she would call
Crying her eyes out
She had an obsession with me
I was the love of her life
And she was all mine
The girl in the Life magazine

The first time I we met in an aisle
At the market
She was staring at me
I knew even then we would share
Something special
And it was like chemistry
I fell in love from the moment I saw her
So I took her straight home with me
And that's where I'd dream
She would step right out of the picture
And spend a whole evening with me
And oh how she hated to go
Back to her picture
The girl in the Life magazine

All of my friends used to laugh
Said I was certifiably mad
'Til the day she came
And she blew them away
And asked me if I'd be her man
It seems that she went and fell
In love with my letters
Says she's been looking for me
So the story ends well
We end up together
The girl in the Life magazine


La Chica De La Revista

Fue de la chica de aquella revista que me enamore
En mi bolsillo su foto escondida
Para siempre guarde
Y yo me sentia un hombre importante
Al verla mirandome a mi
En suenos a veces la vi
Llamando y llorando por mi
Yo era su vida, su amor
Y ella queria

Delar la revista por mi

La vi una tarde alla en el mercado
Me miraba al pasar
Y adivine que algo estaba empezando
Una aventura especial
Me enamore en ese mismo momento
Vino conmigo a vivir
Y en casa sone
Que salio de aquella revista
A darme una noche feliz
No se queria marchar
Solo queria


Y se reian de mi (y se reian de mi)
Como si fuese un loco total
Hasta el dia en que a todos se lo demostro
Ella me vino a buscar
Y fue asi que al leer todas mis cartas
Se fue enamorando de mi
Y al final ya lo ve
Por fin la muchacha


Y se reian

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