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Gob Girl A Lyrics

Last updated: 11/30/2009 10:00:00 AM

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I know that I got to lock you up
but that's for better me
you're all i want to see
at least you left a permanent mark
Stinked society is still
a shot to you and me

you can do no wrong
you're disarm me with
your criminal charm

Your stabs are moving
beautiful mind
I take you down the reno
kill me in casino
day breaks just to
leave a shot
burning as for me but
never feel to me and you

Kill for you
anything that you want
Bleed for you
anything that you want

why does everybody have
to stop and look
at the accident victim
bleeding on the ground
it's the murder scene reward
I guess that it's not blood
and the television we watched
This love is soon somebody's lose

you can do no wrong
you're disarm me with
your murderous charm

I raise you
and wrap you up
Forfeit you
sticks and stew up
forget you
I don't get my
you're a victim
you're a victim

I don't know how I get caught up
Look at you that's me that
nothing else will do

Bleed for you
aim for you

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