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Over the years the Gipsy Kings - which hail from the gypsy
community in Arles and Montpelier in the south of France -
has included singers and guitarists from the Reyes (Canut,
Nicolas, Pablo and Patchai) and Baliardo families (Diego,
Paco and Tonino). Lead singer Nicolas Reyes is the son of
famed Flamenco singer José Reyes, who, with Manitas de
Plata, sold millions of records in the 60's and 70's. The
vigorous strumming of multiple acoustic guitars and the
passionate vocals of the Gipsy Kings have best been defined
by critics and More...

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Reviews about Gipsy Kings songs

Ridicuous Translation | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Viento Del Arena performed by Gipsy Kings

How could you translate this lyrics like this?? You can use any online Spanish dictionary and it will translate that this song is saying "It's time for me to go, tell me to leave, throw (or leave) a bad Gypsy", something along these lines. "Bad Gypsy" = "Malo Cale" The lyric is using incorrect spelling too.

a mi manera | Reviewer: Barolo
    ------ About the song A Mi Manera performed by Gipsy Kings

@Edmong: The original lyrics are not english, they are french. The song's called "Comme d'habitude" by Claude François, Jacques Revaux and Gilles Thibault. Paul Anka bought the rights and together with Sinatra he made it what it is today. But you are right about the Gypsy King'S version of it, great stuff.

Awesome | Reviewer: Edmond
    ------ About the song A Mi Manera performed by Gipsy Kings

While untrue to the original (English) lyrics, this song works so well on so many levels that, when combined with the group's amazing musicianship, just makes it a perfect, uplifting song. I love it and play it often.

Gipsy Kings = the best | Reviewer: Patrick R
    ------ About the song Baila Me performed by Gipsy Kings

This is one of my favorite Gipsy Kings songs - from the bass line to the incredible momentum of the beat and great vocals - it's a killer.

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