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Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

It's hard to say--My Mom has been a great influence, as has
my Grandfather, who has been a pastor for many years. I
think many people have influenced me--certain teachers,
authors, Biblical characters, family friends--in some way.

How would you describe your personality?

I am somewhat of an introvert. I love one-on-one time with
people, so that I can really get acquainted with them, and
I nearly hate large parties where the ultimate goal is to
see how many people you know in the room. More...

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Review about Ginny Owens songs
Just what I needed to hear | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song If You Want Me To performed by Ginny Owens

I downloaded this song a lot time ago, but it's been a few months since I've heard it. I just found out my husband cheated on me and this song is now my theme song. We both want to save the marriage and while we don't see a way out now and this is definitely not what I signed up for at the altar, I know that my God is a God of miracles and I'm taking it to Him. He can make a way in the face of the impossible.

Youth Ministry in a song! | Reviewer: K. M. Green
    ------ About the song I Am performed by Ginny Owens

I minister to children and youth,especially adolescent girls. This song--with the lyrics in particular, is can be a remarkably effective tool for this purpose! Thank God for encouragement through song!

Timeless Song. | Reviewer: Rottok
    ------ About the song If You Want Me To performed by Ginny Owens

There is something about the melody and the lyrics of this song that speaks and reaches to the deepest depths of the soul. I stumbled upon this song back in '05 and it drove me to tears. I just heard it again and put it on repeat mode. This song got through law school. I had trouble paying fees and had to defer my studies twice. Through all the struggles I kept being encouraged that God was not through with me yet. God led me through ways that I wouldn't have chosen. But it was for my good. Looking back, I am very greatful that His plans are perfect for He brought out the best in me. Thank you Ginny.

spell caster | Reviewer: Avita
    ------ About the song If You Want Me To performed by Ginny Owens

well done! my problems are gone My woman came back last night, I thought it's a joke she came to say good bye to me , then I waited , suddenly I saw preparing food, bed and hide under bracket, I couldn't believe any thing I see, I decide to sleep at the gouge to see what happens next , only see her come and slow her self on me start kissing and then I realize you are the true healer, its now 2 weeks since she came home , but doc my sex life has gone down I don't know why , I want to come and order for that medicine. I will phone you later today! I appreciate your services, be there for us please. thanks you to

My greatest inspiration | Reviewer: susann
    ------ About the song If You Want Me To performed by Ginny Owens

This beautiful song has been my inspiration through many trials. God always stands by His word. Now I am sending it to my sister who is going through something she doesn't believe she can endure, though she has already been through so very much. I know she will see the light at the end of the tunnel when she is reminded through these verses just how much we are loved by our Father in Heaven!

God is on our side | Reviewer: Music_is_Life
    ------ About the song If You Want Me To performed by Ginny Owens

This song makes me cry almost every time I hear it. Last spring, I was told that my kyphosis and skuliosis had gotten a lot worse in a short period of time. I would probably need surgery and wouldn't be able to play basketball, which I play yearround, for several months. My second cousin sent me this song, as well as JJ Heller's "Your Hands," saying that she often finds strength in them. Thanks be to God for her, because this song really has helped me through. I pray to God to get me through this, but I now know that this is where I need to be and that He is holding my hand through all of it.

Wow. | Reviewer: erick :)
    ------ About the song If You Want Me To performed by Ginny Owens

since 2003 my life hs been a pains when you see your peers living succeful lives but its worse when even younger people just overtake you and live accomplished live.av gone to college but no job.i thotght that i was the mistake bt this song reminds me how i should surrender to God n knw that am nt a failure am just being refine.i may be in tears bt the grace of God has sufficed

How can I do less? | Reviewer: Darlene
    ------ About the song If You Want Me To performed by Ginny Owens

The phrase "I can't hear You answer my cries for help; I'll remember the suffering Your love put You through". Compared to the suffering Jesus endured through His Love for us, what I face is nothing. How can I do less than give him all of my heart? He is ALL I need and he has promised to go with me? Hallelujah!!! I will continue to go through the fire if He wants me to!

love it | Reviewer: Mari
    ------ About the song Fellow Traveler performed by Ginny Owens

Wow, that makes me feel moved. Also, it feels like the writer is associating themself with the needy and poor, and that just breaks my heart. No one around me usually does that. I think that this has to be one of the best songs.

In Christ, Mari

AWESOME song! | Reviewer: Claire
    ------ About the song If You Want Me To performed by Ginny Owens

Today so many messages are about prosperity and expecting God to deliver you out of trials. There is no longer an emphasis on waiting and trusting that God has you where He wants you. Think of Job and all he went through. He did not say, "God I expect You to get me out of this". He said, "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord". I love that this song is about trusting and being FAITHFUl through th hard times, trusting that God is in control and we are here to serve Him, not the other way around. AWESOME song!

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