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Sean Paul Gimme The Light Lyrics

Last updated: 09/20/2010 11:00:00 AM

Jus Gimme the light
yea yeah
Jus Gimme the light
yo yo

sean paul

Jus gimme the light
and pass the dro
Bust another bokkle of moe
Gal dem in a me sight
and I gots know
Which one is gonna catch my flow
Causle i'm inna di vibes
and i got my dough
Bust another bokkle of moe
Gurl dem lookin hype
and i gots to know

[Verse 1 & 3]
Could I be your protector
your buff in every sector
Everyman around dem
wanna turn your inspector
but u no let them sweat ya
No grill you with no lecture
But dem power drill
or dem feul injector
Dem a infector
Disease collector
Nuff of dem a gwon
like dem wan cum wreck ya
Done out the part
where you got in your center
But u know
u nah let dem guy deh affect ya, yo


[Verse 2 & 4]
One / Two / Tri / Four / Five of dem
Situation gettin really live again
Girl dem wanna Fi hang out with
The players and the riders dem
Beside of them and dem say
Dem tired of the liars
Dem friars and connivers
will never get inside of dem
Dem clyder dem
Especially the money hider dem
Watchie watchie girl bout dem
A try fi make bride of dem
Denied again
some of them move like a spiderman
Girl dem say nah
open wide again

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reggae | Reviewer: axg | 9/20/10

to miss sarah,
u don't understand because ur not jamaican or don't understand when we speak.....don't call it rubbish cuz u dont understand. u wouldn't do it to a spanish song so don't do it to reggae. it's wrong and not tactful

One of my fav. reggae songs | Reviewer: Zee | 3/10/09

It's a GREAT song and I love dancing to it. As far as Sarah thinking it's rubbish.. I bet you listen to pop songs and that's it. Leave the reviews for the real reggae lovers who know whats going on and what's being said.

a turn on | Reviewer: rosabel | 10/31/07

this is the best sean paul song evea the lyrics are great and the flow a turn on da beat makes me jump off the floor o the tym
this song turns me on

Gimmie the light review | Reviewer: Emma | 7/5/07

If you cant understand him maybe its because he's Jamaican.
I think he's amazing.

i love sean paul | Reviewer: AMEER | 6/17/07

i love sean paul becoase of his fast way of talking
this song is his best one and i lve it

Gimme The Light Review | Reviewer: Sarah | 2/11/07

I think that this song is pretty rubbish and u cant understand what hes saying half the time!