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"I heard an old radio recording of the Stanley Brothers,
from the dark days when rock and roll was just killin’ ’em,
around 1957-58, " recalls Gillian Welch, getting around to
the bittersweet origins of the song that is the centerpiece
of Time (The Revelator), her third album. "Nobody could
work because Elvis was king. And Carter Stanley was
assuring the audience, ‘The world is changing, you know,
we’ve heard the rockabilly and we’ve heard the rock and
roll, but we want to let you know that you’ll get the same
traditional music from More...

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Review about Gillian Welch songs
Re: Weddinf | Reviewer: Victoria
    ------ About the song Wind and Rain performed by Gillian Welch

@Tom - Thought i'd give your question a shot! I'm not sure if there is a version of this particular song with a wedding - it is extremely possible, as there are many variations - but there definitely is in the version I know of its Irish counterpart, "Cruel Sister"

In that one, the minstrels take the instrument into the king's hall, and it begins to play the murder song at the wedding banquet of the cruel sister and the man in question, accusing her of the crime. Sorry I can't be definitive about your question, but I hope this helped somewhat!

Was there a wedding? | Reviewer: Tom
    ------ About the song Wind and Rain performed by Gillian Welch

I just heard a vision of this song on the radio--an old recording of a singer with a Southern American voice. I didn't hear all the words, but I thought I heard that the fiddler played at a WEDDING, and that "the only tune that the fiddle would play was oh, the dreadful wind and rain." I imagine the wedding was of the miller to the murdering sister. Am I imagining things? Does anyone know a version of the song that includes a wedding?

Not quite a murder ballad | Reviewer: jd
    ------ About the song Caleb Meyer performed by Gillian Welch

This is one of the best and most haunting songs I have heard since I started following folk and blues 40 years ago. It is in the style of a murder ballad but the villain gets their just deserts for crime and the intended victim goes on to taunt the ghost. Quite empowering compared with the usual women as victim song.

The Life | Reviewer: Jedda Tesla
    ------ About the song Barroom Girls performed by Gillian Welch

This song accurately describes the life of the lost young women who have left home for many reasons; I'd say the majority were abused by a family member,family friend and/or the parents were on drugs or alcoholics and didn't notice/care for their child/children. These sad girls self medicate w/alcohol; which leads to drugs, prostitution; being abused by all the men in their lives. These are the girls when in HS were ''easy'';they knew nothing else, didn't know they had a choice, didn't know to vocalize the word no. I was one of those girls. Was married; felt like a piece of rubbish, loved my husband, still was unfaithful, horrible,horrible, the memories, my actions haunt me 40 yrs later. Ask for help please should U B the victim of sexual, verbal, mental abuse! U R A Valuable Person, U R Most Important!

Great twist to the tradtional murder ballad. | Reviewer: Dusty
    ------ About the song Caleb Meyer performed by Gillian Welch

With a haunting, modal melody, this song sounds like many traditional murder ballads. But there is a twist. There are so many murder ballads about a man who kills a woman because she won't marry him, or she got pregnant, or she went off with another. Here, the female narrator kills Caleb Meyer as he attempts to rape her. And unlike most murder ballads, this one ends with the murder itself, saying nothing of the consequences.

Possible Correction | Reviewer: Richard Benish
    ------ About the song Wayside/Back In Time performed by Gillian Welch

I'm pretty sure that in second line of the verse that starts, "Black highway all night ride..." it's not "times," but "tines" that "fall away by the side." Tines are the vertical posts holding up guide rails or fences along a highway.

Listen closely. It's an "n" not an "m". And the idea fits the context.

Gillian Welch gets me like no other.

Thanks for the lyrics.

The gifts | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Everything Is Free performed by Gillian Welch

Heard this song on one of her albums a friend gave me. (Other side was Alabama 3) This song got into my head and I was compelled to download lyrics so as to be able to like,learn and love this song. Its one of those in my head forever now. SSSSSSSS'wonderful what words can do.........

History of song | Reviewer: Pat
    ------ About the song Caleb Meyer performed by Gillian Welch

I love the haunting sound of the music. It's hard to get it out of my head. The lyrics are so gruesome. Does anyone know the story behind this song? I assume it is based on an actual event or a folktale.

Makes you think | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Everything Is Free performed by Gillian Welch

There's a lot of RIAA bashing that goes on these days. Stop and think. Now, aside from suing single mothers who can barely open Internet Explorer, maybe they are doing something good.

While they are mainly protecting the record companies, you've got to think about the artists.

Oh, the dreadful wind and rain | Reviewer: Eric Stanley
    ------ About the song Wind and Rain performed by Gillian Welch

what a haunting and archetypal song. straight out of old european mythology. my favorite version has to be the the live one by David Grisman and J.G., though, still brings a tear to my eye when I hear it.

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