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Raymond Edward O'Sullivan was born in Waterford, Ireland on
December 1, 1946. In 1958, at the age of eleven, the family
was off to England. Gilbert recalls hearing the news with
mixed feelings. He had lived all his life in Waterford and
love the surrounding countryside. Raymond attended St.
Joseph's Comprehensive in Swindon and he went on to the
Swindon Art College. Prior to college he spent hours
pounding at the family piano which finally forces his mom
to relocate it to the wood shed. It is there that Gilbert's
songwriting begins. More...

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Review about Gilbert O'Sullivan songs
Amazing Song | Reviewer: DARLA
    ------ About the song Alone Again (Naturally) performed by Gilbert O'Sullivan

Alone Again (Naturally)... I felt my interpretation of this beautiful but sad song when it was released when I was a very young teenager is somewhat different than it is today. Yet, it carries the same impact, just on a different level. We all love...we all lost love...We all have great moments in life shared with others,and we have our times of solitude which sometime become unbearable. Sometimes weeping tears on my cheeks..diverting attention to daily life and trying to keep positive visions..After all, we all are human...this is life's experience...The ups and downs shared with others...and at times...shared with no one but yourself..Alone...

this is my song | Reviewer: benann hanks
    ------ About the song Alone Again (Naturally) performed by Gilbert O'Sullivan

I woke up once more in the middle of the nite with such feelings of dread and fear i grabbed my phone for relief. I typed in key words for hoe o felt and my age which is 64. Low and behold this song with its lyrics and comments appeared. It includes so
much of what i had typed in. Losing my father at 12 and being old and feelung alone. I remembered it and the beautiful tune it was set to. I think the beetles did it i. The 70's

Dear Dream | Reviewer: Edward Barturen
    ------ About the song Dear Dream performed by Gilbert O'Sullivan

This is my favorite O'Sullivan song. very happy mood. Instrumentation is light leaving room to focus on the vocals and the lyrics. I have heard it at least one hundred times ,the more I hear the more I like it.

brilliant and timeless | Reviewer: Milos
    ------ About the song Alone Again (Naturally) performed by Gilbert O'Sullivan

This is a song that follows us through our lives and has the amazing ability to ring true and bring forth a tear at almost every stage of life. It is also brilliantly written. Mr. Sullivan achieved the elusive and oh so rare feat of being clever, and at times hilariously tragic. It a song which truly is indeed, alone in its mastery!

brillant! | Reviewer: milo
    ------ About the song Alone Again (Naturally) performed by Gilbert O'Sullivan

This is one of the most cleverly, brilliantly and at times even hilariously written and vocalized songs ever produced.

I didn't understand it back then ..... | Reviewer: Gerell
    ------ About the song Alone Again (Naturally) performed by Gilbert O'Sullivan

When this song came out, I was young and preoccupied with family, career, etc. I thought it was a beautiful song (the music) but, because I'm a little hard of hearing, I didn't really know the words. I mainly remember the "alone again, naturally" part. The melody stuck with me forever. It's interesting that people are still commenting after over 4 years since this posting came out. The last one was only a few days ago.
The song is beautiful but it's also sad. So why do we want to remember it? Because it's sad? Because it's beautiful? Maybe both. I don't know why, I just like the song and I'm glad that the song did not end with a suicide. Gerell

A Real Song | Reviewer: Wanda
    ------ About the song Alone Again (Naturally) performed by Gilbert O'Sullivan

I remember this song, the music, as a child in the 70's and though I couldn't understand and pick up the entire lyrics, the last piece always stuck in my head "I remember I cried...". That was the only pieck that I could grasp and it stuck with me forever. The other day, this song came back to my head and I kept singing that very same piece over and over, and humming it and whistling it. Then I thought... let me look up the lyrics and the writer/singer - - I tell ya,the writers and singers of today got nothing on these classics.

A real tear jerker | Reviewer: Jack B.
    ------ About the song Alone Again (Naturally) performed by Gilbert O'Sullivan

Everyone seems to paint the same picture here,and you are right.It is sad,but not written by real events.It's just a song he came up with,but man,is it moving!? I too was around 12,and had to have the 45 rpm. I wore it out,memorized every lyric,and then my mom passed away the next year. So here I am a 12 year old boy,back in 1972,having to hear this song on the radio,and balling to it each time I hear it. I'm 50 years old now, and I still cry every time I hear it.This song will go to the grave with me as the most influential song I have ever heard.

The song I'm going to live with for the rest of my life | Reviewer: Sean
    ------ About the song Alone Again (Naturally) performed by Gilbert O'Sullivan

My brother died suddenly a month ago at the age of 23. This was the last song we listened to together when my dad was in town and he took us out in his car. I wonder when my brother was thinking about my mother, who died 6 years ago at the age of 48, when he was listening to this.
This song just what I've been going through, just not exactly. At least I still have a parent alive. But life is so unfair. I had to give up my dream and future because of their deaths. And my brother, he had his whole life and future ahead of him.
It made me cry so hard when I listened to this song a few days ago. I wish I was the one dead.

My Dad | Reviewer: chuck
    ------ About the song Alone Again (Naturally) performed by Gilbert O'Sullivan

My dad passed away last year and I miss him very much. This song has a lot more meaning to me now. Plus my best friend was killed late last year in an accident and he used to sing it. I cant say any more.

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