Gilbert O'Sullivan Albums

  • Irlish - Japanese Version Album (3/1/1997)
    Have It
    A Sight For Sore Eyes
    Where The Hell Have You Been
    Say Goodbye
    Don't I Know It
    How I Say That I love You
    Passport Photos
    Water Music
    Fine By Me
    Two's Company (Three Is Allowed)
    Love Being Faxed By You
    Easier Said Than Done
    Me -Reprise

  • Every Song Has Its Play Album (3/1/1995)
    Dear Dream
    I Wish I Could Cry
    Nothing To Fear
    Pretty Polly
    Can't Find My Way Home
    Dishonorable Profession
    You Don't Own Me/If I Know You
    Nobody Wants To Know
    Young at Heart (We'll Always Remain)
    I've Never Been Short Of A Smile
    Showbiz (Reprise)
    If You Commence Before The Start

  • Singer Sowing Machine - Japanese Version Album (3/1/1995)
    Doesn't It Make You Sick (Mortar and Brick)
    Heaven's Above
    In Bed By Ten
    Break A Leg 2
    Please Don't Let My Weakness Show
    You Better Believe It
    Sex Appeal
    Not So Great Britain
    The Luck Of The Irish
    I Don't Care
    I'm About
    I'll Be The Lonely One
    Break A Leg 1
    Say Ireland
    Con Lab Lib

  • By Larry Album (3/1/1994)
    When Today
    That's Why I Love You
    My Advice To You
    Hold On To What You've Got
    Came To see Me Yesterday (In The Merry Month Of)
    Mr. And Mrs. Regard
    It Ain't For Me
    I Don't Mind
    As A Rule
    My Front Door Is
    Because Of You
    The Window's Cleaner's Mate
    What Am I Am Doing Here With You?
    What You See Is What You Get

  • Sound Of The Loop Album (3/1/1993)
  • Rare Tracks Album (3/1/1992)
  • Frobisher Drive Album (3/1/1987)
  • Life & Rhymes Album (3/1/1982)
  • Off Centre Album (3/1/1980)
  • SouthPaw Album (3/1/1977)
  • Greatest Hits - MAM Album (3/1/1976)
  • Stranger In My Own Backyard Album (3/1/1974)
  • I'm A Writer Not A Fighter Album (3/1/1973)
  • Back To Front Album (3/1/1972)
  • Himself Album (5/1/1971)

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