Gil Albums

  • On My Own Album (3/26/2003)
    You Don't Belong To Me
    Get Off
    My Way
    Already There
    7 1/2 Years
    The Reason
    It Isn't Me
    Stop Lying
    On My Own

  • The Album Album (5/2/2000)
    Out Of My Bed (Still In My Head)
    Say What You Want
    U & I
    Never On My Mind
    It's Your Love
    Right Now
    The Only One
    The Truth In Your Eyes
    On & On
    Sometimes I...
    Close 2 Perfect
    Walking Down the Line

  • Here I Am Album (12/28/1999)
    See It In Your Eyes
    If You Only Knew
    Bang Bang Bang
    Round n' Round (It Goes)
    I Am So In Love
    Am I Crazy?
    Come On, Come On
    For Heaven's Sake
    I Need You
    Never Giving Up Now

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    Reviews about Gil albums
    Gil`s Songs are my favorite! | Reviewer: Anj
        ------ About the album The Album performed by Gil

    The first time I heard It`s Your Love in 2010, suddenly I was so hooked to this song that I wonder who the singer was. I didn`t know Gil before. Didn`t ever heard his name(What a shame for me!). But when I researched for it, I was eventually attracted by the picture of a cute guy with long hair, beautiful eyes and kissable lips. The caption says it`s Gil Ofarim. That`s when I began researching about his life and got the biggest regret of my life. Why didn`t I heard of him before when,aside from his looks, his songs are so beautiful and inspiring.

    Later that year, I began downloading Gil`s songs--Out of My Bed, Close To Perfect, Say What You Want, Stop and every downloadable songs of him. But the most heart-captivating, inspiring and soul touching are the songs in his album GIL. The melody are so good--relaxing and not boring. I even played it over and over all day.

    Better hear these songs before it`s too late. It`s a great album. COngrats to him. Though, it`s just been two years since I`ve known about him, but I believe he`s really that great based on his songs. No wonder many teen and young girls went and still go crazy about him until now!

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