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Gil Biography

Last updated: 08/02/2001 11:22:43 PM

Anyone in a certain sampling of central European or Asian countries interested in the happenings on the music scene should remember the young popstar “GIL” … Songs like “Round and Round (It Goes)”, a Top 40 hit in Germany and “If You Only Knew” topped the charts in countries as diverse as Thailand, Poland, Korea as well as Germany and will still ring a bell in any capital city in those nations. And yes, of course, between 1997 and 1999 Gil totally enjoyed his exciting rock star lifestyle—touring in South East Asia, live radio and TV appearances overflowing on his daily itinerary… When and how did it all happen?

It’s hard to believe but it all started for Gil at the tender age of 17 when the son of the well-known ‘70’s musicians Abraham and Esther Ofarim got the chance to develop his own extensive musical talent. It really all took-off in May 1997 in, of all places, a Munich underground station. Gil remembers it fondly, “a photographer walked up and asked me if I was interested in the main role in a photo love story for Bravo, the big German teen magazine. Saying yes, I could not have known that their fictitious musician “Tobi” would turn into a real-life teen idol.” A new star was born after he signed his first contract with a record company. A team of top class industry advisorsComposers and a team of personality advisors got Gil in shape for his music career. It all worked, but now a grown up Gil is seeking for more creative possibilities….

Thanks to Lin Nan( for submitting the biography.