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Gibbler Biography

Last updated: 03/12/2003 09:58:45 PM

Gibbler is an explosive five-piece rock band from New Jersey. Although Sean Dunne (vocals), Tom Farinario (guitar), Charlie Busacca (bass), Scott MacDougall (guitar) and Matt Calchera (drums) have only been together for a little over a year, their music has been turning heads. In such a sort amount of time, Gibbler has played with such bands as: New Found Glory, Midtown, Thursday, The Get Up Kids, The Starting Line, The Movielife, Finch, The Bouncing Souls, Good Charlotte, Brand New, Catch22, Thrice, Glassjaw, Dashboard Confessional, and many, many more. The band prides itself in the energetic live show that they bring to the table. No matter what crowd size, Gibbler gives their heart and soul into every performance as they get the crowd jumping and singing with their songs while throwing themselves into guitar slamming, drum pounding, and vocal frenzies.

While working hard during the week with daily practices, Gibbler have just finished recording their five song EP entitled, "Back to Hazlet, I'll Say" which will be released and distributed during their summer tour. The work ethic seen in these young musicians illustrates that they give every ounce of their lives to the band, trying to get their music heard everywhere and attempting to take the music scene by storm. Every show by Gibbler gets their full attention as they prepare with grueling jam sessions and promotion with flyers with help from their adoring fans in their rapidly growing street team. Gibbler is only looking toward the future with constant touring and continuous production of catchy, energetic songs to increase their fan base. With a full United States summer tour coming up, an new EP to promote, it is inevitable that good things are coming for this hard working band out of the Garden State.