Ghostface Killah Lyrics

Ghostface Killah comes from the multi-platinum artist
conglomerate that is the Wu-Tang Clan. Since the Wu-Tang's
inception and collective debut album, Enter The Wu-Tang (36
Chambers) (Loud/RCA), Ghostface Killah has developed a
massive following through his participation in subsequent
Wu-Tang members' solo projects, including Ol' Dirty
Bastard's Return To The 36 Chambers (Elektra), Genius/GZA's
Liquid Swords (Geffen) and most prominently on Chef
Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx (Loud/RCA).

In addition, Ghostface has participated on More...

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Review about Ghostface Killah songs
A couple mistakes | Reviewer: Ghostface listener
    ------ About the song The Rise Of The Ghostface Killah performed by Ghostface Killah

Where it says "stucks" it should be "Starks" (as in tony Starks, who he talks about in a bunch of his songs), "covered old street blocks" is "cobbled stone street blocks" I believe, and I think the part where it says "left us in the back with no time to be survivors" is more along the lines of "the survivors in the back with no tongue" ( I can't remember the exact phrasing). Thanks.

Correction | Reviewer: Mike
    ------ About the song Wildflower performed by Ghostface Killah

CHANGE "I'm the first nigga that had you watchin flicks by DeNiro"
"Eating hero's (sucking d!ck) from the first nigga that had you watching flicks by DeNiro (took you to the movies)

jonn3 | Reviewer: jonn3
    ------ About the song Guest House performed by Ghostface Killah

hBJIWM For me this can be a greatest lesbian porn web page via the internet (nevertheless realsquirt is certainly close). All which is a downer in my situation is the females certainly not Communicate with one. As expected, because so many are and also the and don't speak out English language, that may be easy to undestand, however, with all the women who Will be able to speak out plus talk with The english language, it could be pleasant to listen for these talk to one another rather, particularly on the beginnings on the scenes lesbian porn star picture,

Ulysses of Hip hop | Reviewer: Marco
    ------ About the song Mighty Healthy performed by Ghostface Killah

Modernist hip hop. Language deconstructed and reconstructed into a more perfect idiom, one that belongs only to its creator Dennis Coles; a stroke of genius on Ghost's part, there's no other way to put it. Without precedent, and completely astounding. Two words: Supreme Clientele. Big ups to Finnegan's wake and Ulysses by James Joyce, ghost's analogue in 20th century literature. It is what it is, and that's how it got done. One..

Sick. In the best way. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Nutmeg performed by Ghostface Killah

I don't say this lightly: this is a masterpiece. There is a depth of poetry here that puts this work up there with the great voices of the past century. I ain't kiddin.

a buck-fifty | Reviewer: d
    ------ About the song Iron Maiden performed by Ghostface Killah

...I cut yourself a buck-fifty... has to do with what they used to have to pay someone to slash a snitches face across the cheek... it cost 150 dollars to do that to a snitch.

iron man | Reviewer: aaron pitts
    ------ About the song The Ironman Takeover performed by Ghostface Killah

iii aaaaaaammmmmmmm iiiirrrroooonnnn mmmmaaaannnn

has me lost his mind, can he see or is he blind
can he walk and talk, or is he blues or reborn

is he life or death, has he thoughts within his head

will just pass him there or would he even care

He once turned to steel, in a great megnetice feild
when he traveled time, for the futur of man kind

nobody wants him,...he just stares at the world
planing his vengance, that he will surve the world

now the time is here, for ironman to spread fear
vengance from the grave, kills the people he once saved

nobody wants him, they just turn there heads
nobody helps him, now he has his revenge

heavey bolts of led, fill his victonce full of flead
running as fast as they can, ironman lives again


One | Reviewer: Fusion
    ------ About the song One performed by Ghostface Killah

This track is an exercise in excellence.
The second monstrous verse seems like the ultimate nonsensical GFK ramblings with heavy imagery &(most apparent)Ghostfaces god-like flow.
It ends on an even higher note with Ghosts comical use of the songs recurring sample.

Best Oldschool tune ever | Reviewer: NG
    ------ About the song All That I Got is You performed by Ghostface Killah

This is one of the best Oldschool hip hop tunes ever.
Some might think it sounds gay, but if you concentrate on the lyrics, you'll know its not at all, in fact it's "hardcore".

Try it out brothers

i want to know.............. | Reviewer: ms.miss
    ------ About the song The Splash performed by Ghostface Killah


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