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Opeth Ghost of Perdition Lyrics

Last updated: 10/05/2012 11:24:10 AM

Ghost of Mother
Lingering death
Ghost on Mother's bed
Black strands on the pillow
Contour of her health
Twisted face upon the head

Ghost of perdition
Stuck in her chest
A warning no one read
Tragic friendship
Called inside the fog
Pouring venom brew deceiving

Devil cracked the earthly shell
Foretold she was the one
Blew hope into the room and said:
"You have to live before you die young"

Holding her down
Channeling darkness
Hemlock for the Gods
Fading resistance
Draining the weakness
Penetrating inner light

Rode into the dark unaware
Winding ever higher

Darkness by her side
Spoke and passed her by
Dedicated hunter
Waits to pull us under
Rose up to its call
In his arms she'd fall
Mother light received
And a faithfull servant's free

In time the hissing of her sanity
Faded out her voice and soiled her name
And like marked pages in a diary
Everything seemed clean that is unstained
The incoherent talk of ordinary days
Why would we really need to live?
Decide what is clear and what's within a haze
What you should take and what to give

Ghost of perdition
A saint's premonition's unclear
Keeper of holy hordes
Keeper of holy whores

To see a beloved son
In despair of what's to come

If one cut the source of the flow
And everything would change
Would conviction fall
In the shadow of the righteous
The phantasm of your mind
Might be calling you to go
Defying the forgotten morals
Where the victim is the prey

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Evergreen | Reviewer: Opeth Bhakta | 10/5/12

This song, am listening today again after a year and its still doing its job, making me crazy, giving me goosebumps, music still so new, taking me to an unearth place... will love this masterpiece of Opeth always and forever <3 \m/

Perfectness | Reviewer: Marouane Morocco | 9/21/12

I can't just define what is opeth's songs are including this one i can't imagine how they can wright a songlike this with all this rytme and perfect solos. otherwise Opeth are metal gods

Possibly the best song to describe Opeth's style. | Reviewer: Aerik the Dead | 3/13/12

The song that perfectly defines the prog rock/death metal combination that Opeth is trying to achieve. The loud, aggressive parts are incredibly mosh worthy, while the slower, softer parts would make the prog rock masters (the members of bands such as Rush, Pink Floyd,and Jethro Tull, just to name a few) incredibly proud that their legacy is being carried on in such an amazing way.

Even better live! | Reviewer: Saajin Grey | 10/12/11

As I write this I'm listening to the Roundhouse Tapes version of this catchy little ditty, and once again I am struck by the dynamics of Akerfeldts amazing ability to switch back and forth on a dime from his trademark throat-full-of-gravel cookie monster vocals which are even more prevalent on this recording than the studio version, even more furious and evil-and his angelic clean vocals.
If you're new to Opeth, welcome to the big leagues, friend.
Buy Ghost Reveries, buy it ALL.
Ten albums in over twenty years and not a bad song yet.

This song will flay your brain | Reviewer: Alex | 3/31/11

This song features, among other things:

1. Akerfeldt's vocals at their most impressive and most extreme, with lyrics coming in as an honorable mention.

2. Guitar riffs that will leave you reeling.

3. 10 solid minutes of soul pounding.

Go buy this song. Shit, get the whole album (Ghost Reveries). Shit, get Opeth's entire discography. For all the 'Mp3s' and newfangled bullshit in the world, nothing can top spinning one of their discs in a good stereo.

ear candy | Reviewer: Phillip Rhodes | 1/2/11

I am & always will b a Tool fan but to say that they r my favorite would b a terrible lie. I sometimes wonder if mike sold his soul in trade for the talent to b the best band ever. It's just sick..........

oooohh... aaaahh... | Reviewer: OPETH FAN | 3/13/10

(IMHO) I don't agree, music isn't only about likes or dislikes. It's like the food, you can hate cheese when you're young because you haven't still developed the taste to appreciate it. Then you grow and you love it!

This is the same, to appreciate these songs often requiers a "taste for music" evolution...

Anyway, OPETH ARE simply amazing, but most people would it's shit just because they aren't prepared to listen their music.

"opeth is perfect, masterful, majestic, skillful" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/6/10

Dear God all you people are pretentious as shit. Yeah Opeth is awesome, but music is opinion.

You don't have to rationalize your own liking of Opeth as some major ability of your own to appreciate music more than others.

If music was/is like sex, then Opeth are the directors of the extravaganza... | Reviewer: Alex | 8/26/09

Simply, perfection. Perfect song to a perfect album to a perfect career. What more could you ask for? Well, Opeth deliver more everytime, they never fail to impress. Ghost of Perdition is not just a beautifully-orchestrated and crafted song, it employs Mikael's tangible Death Metal growls and soft, melodic vocals in a perfect, seamless blend; from a brutal assault of Death to lament in split-seconds. A perfect live song. You never know what Opeth will do next - Ghost of Perdtion is another fine example of the unpredictable being executed masterfully

awesome | Reviewer: Over Clock | 7/16/09

I hear all these screamo bands, and these "death" metal bands today and you can't a hear damn thing they say, Opeth speaks it smooth, and the instrumentals are redundant or over powering, and i like the mix of instruments at the end. All these new metal bands are all pussies.

Opeth is musical perfection | Reviewer: Zaack | 3/31/09

This song is by far among my favourites of Opeth, though it's hard to say which ones are truly better than the others. This band continues to constantly surprise me with sickeningly intricate melodies and awesome timing. The interludes are really great, and Opeth can really display a great amount of diversity in one song; Ghost of Perdition is a great example to that ability.

If you do not agree, it is either because of my atrocious grammar or simply the fact that you aren't quite prepared to embrace music at its finest. Their music requires a high amount of appreciation to mere skill rather than repeditive lyrics and simple beats.

hypnotic delerium! | Reviewer: kerbman77 | 2/13/09

This IS the song that got me into OPETH. The sonic beatdown turned melodic voyage is somewhat haunting, then throws you into a wall. Finally picking you up and smoothing out your atire then sends you packing on your way feeling great everytime.

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/08

Amazing song by an awesome band. It takes someone with an appreciation for good music to truly understand the majesty that is Opeth. In a single song they can have melancholy, anger, happiness, all mixed up. It is absolutely amazing.


Painfuly great music | Reviewer: Russell Miller | 2/20/08

The singing contrasting with the death growls Mike delivers are just amazing in the way they go against each other and they bring out the colour in his lyrics unlike any other band.
Contrast is great, Opeths are experts at it.
This and Harlequin Forest are the best songs on the album.

Hail Opeth | Reviewer: Imadoz | 1/4/08

The greatest band ever, every song is greater then the other... i've never heard any other band who can deliver such style and emotions!