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The Proclaimers Ghost of Love Lyrics

Last updated: 08/12/2014 05:59:17 PM

When you look in my eyes you know that I'm gonna lie.
But you look in my eyes for the ghost of love that died.
And when you see him you should believe him.
He won't deceive you. He's never Leavin'.
I used to feel the way he's feelin'.

Before I fell for you, I thought love was just a rage.
But we left the book of love, signed in blood on every page.
They say it makes you feel so alive,
but that's the biggest of all the lies.
For every sting, part of you dies.

So look into my eyes for the ghost of love that died.
I don't believe in second chance.
Coz that's not love, that's just romance.
And I know the endin' well in advance.

So look into my eyes for the ghost of love that died.

Thanks to elisabeth chase for submitting Ghost of Love Lyrics.

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WOW my love story in a nutshell | Reviewer: Carol | 8/13/14

A year after the breakup of a long term relationshi I heRd this song. Memories from the beginning of the relationship, when we were head over heels in love, to the end, when we could barely look at one another without arguing or critcising each other, came flooding back. Its an evocative beautiful song, beautifully sung