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Pearl Jam Ghost Lyrics

Last updated: 03/16/2013 08:01:43 AM

The mind is grey,... like the city
Packing in and overgrown
Love is deep,dig it out
Standing in a hole alone
Working for something,that one can never hold
A place in the clouds.
Good place to hide oh my oh

So I'm flying away, away
I'm driving away, away
Finding hope in ways I've missed before,
I've missed before

The TV, she talks to me
Breaking news and building walls
Selling me, what I dont need
I never knew soap made you taller

So I'm riding away, away
Hiding away, away
So much talk it makes no sense at all
My senses have gone
A-wall, a-wall, a-wall, a-wall, a-wall

So I'm hiding away, away
Driving away, away
Passing best friends I won't know at all,
Won't know at all

It doesn't hurt,when I bleed
But my memories they eat me
I've seen it all before,
Bring it on cause I'm no victim

Dying(away,away) *repeating*
Thanks to Serg The Kirk Hammett for submitting Ghost Lyrics.