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Sandi Thom Ghost Town Lyrics

Last updated: 06/30/2012 12:00:00 PM

I needn't know I had to leave
Before your love deadly crippled me
Now half my heart can always be found
Sleepin' in that old ghost town

Baby you were my one regret
Such a sad song I simply won't regret
Coz it's written in the walls
Now the walls went down
All around that old ghost town

Sometimes I take a wander
Through these empty streets
Listenin' to the echoes
Of the past

True love is a city
Built on endless dreams
Our town was never
Built to last

Darlin' you'll always be my friend
Though I hated you until the bitter end
Coz you took my love and weighed it down
And left it in that old ghost town

In my dreams I sometimes
Go a-walkin'
When I'm lost
I search for homeward bound

Somehow every road
I end up takin'
Leads me to that
Old ghost town

So now I've finally found my fate
I know that leavin' you
Was never a mistake

When the stars are out
And the world is sound
You might find me
In that old ghost town

You might meet me
In that old ghost town

I lost my heart
In that old ghost town