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It was a chance meeting between Ivan (Ghost) and John
Stevens that brought these two musical forces together one
fateful day. Ivan’s band, Motograter (Elektra), was set to
perform live on-air at XM Radio. Stevens, an XM Radio
producer and guitar player (Winter’s Bane/The Clay People),
was taken in by Ivan’s vocals and felt he would be a
natural fit for material he had been working on since the
disbanding of his former project. Stevens presented his
material to Ivan and the two instantly began their musical

After a few More...

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Review about Ghost Machine songs

Emotionally Charge | Reviewer: Monty
    ------ About the song Desert Rose performed by Ghost Machine

This song if phenomenal. The emotion, the power, and the overall lyrics of this song are fantastic. You can feel what this song is really about, a lost love, but you can feel its deeper than that. As I'm writing this I'm going through a really rough time and this helps alot. I've found out that many of Ivan's (and all his bands) songs have helped. Like I said you can feel the emotion seeping from every part of this song. I recommend all to listen to it.

God I love this song. | Reviewer: Chemich
    ------ About the song Rock In Roll performed by Ghost Machine

Yeah I submitted the lyrics, corrections rather.

But as my Senior Prank I rigged the announcement speakers and wired them to my CD Player and put on this song, and left school immediately.

The whole album is fucking bomb!

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