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Kano Ghetto Kid Lyrics

Last updated: 12/08/2009 11:00:00 AM

Im a ghetto kid
So I do ghetto shit
I dunno what happend its just what the ghetto did
I wear my trousers low
Almost near my knees
And everywhere I go you almost always hear there's beef

Cuz im a ghetto kid
So i love ghetto chicks
And if we get together we can have a ghetto kid
I hope these people know
Don't fuck with me
I always got my knife and i could get a 9milli

Cos I'm a ghetto kid
I said im just a ghetto kid

I'm a ghetto kid
East london were the metal is
Where big shotters lick out white mountains like everest
Most dont know were heaven is
Forgive me im rollin with demon, im devilish
know that i never miss
Im a beef specialist
niggas dun know that im blowin up shows like a terrorist
And if they dont know then tell 'em it's
K to the izay N O
And fucking just remember this

I'm reppin' for the ghetto kids
but Some niggers don't even know were the ghetto is
Please nigger find me in Plaistow
See me in C town then bowl with the V6 to E6 East Ham
Its me man, im just me im a dan
Ive been writin since P99
So all kinds of artists should listen
My hearts ain't no prison
I master the rhythem like heartless submission

Im a ghetto kid
I do ghetto shit, ghetto gigs at ghetto raves and draw ghetto chicks
With big ghetto back-offs and big ghetto tits.
Quick, Free yard and ghetto crip strip.
I love the road sweet road and i always feel safe cause I'm home sweet home.
If it's a mad ting then it's fine with me
I always got my knife and I can get the 9milli.

Cause im a ghetto kid
I said im just a ghetto kid

I'm from the ghetto half an hour from the suburbs
Where the foods white just like flour in the cupboards.
Kids with more heat than a high-powered oven.
Rowdy youngens that are so proud to be stubborn.
The youngs in the hood when my album is coming
I'm like look I ain't changed one bit,
if I pass through the hood and your Audi is running, you know I'm a crook I'mma take that shit, take that shit then I'm outti, it's nothing
And if they know about me don't doubt me or think I'm bluffing
My word is my bond, but where I'm from niggas get murdered for wong. Beef?If you aint got a burner it's long, and you don't want to see the aftermath, and I aint talkin about the label Curtis is on.
This ain't just a verse in a song, I buss two and put you in your hurse, then Im gone.

I'm a ghetto kid
I swear I'm just a ghetto kid
Cause I'm a ghetto kid
I swear Im just a ghetto kid (And that's why everywhere that we go, I'm so ghetto they banned me from Heathrow.)

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