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Yelawolf Get the Fuck Up! Lyrics

Last updated: 10/13/2011 12:00:00 PM

Though many have come, there will never be another one, quite like Yela

Raaaa', Everybody get the fuck up!
Raaaa' Everybody get the fuck up!

Daddy gunna pop that trunk
Yeah, battle ship sunk, throwin' dirt clot chunks
Sling shot rock, broke no money lumps
Lookin at the D-Boys with the pretty dunks
Slick sit down, you ain't in the city chump
Special K make the kitties come
Get chee some, get many guns
Move 'em out them toes down pity none
Get 'ur own Dixie won't give a dog a bone
Sittin on bigger chrome, yeah that's home
Bird fight, pit fight, what a good song
Lookin at the world like what' I do wrong?
Nothing but a mailman trunk comin back for the pickup
I'm the gift you can't get rid of
Recline on me homie I'ma make you sit up
Big trunk through it stage lights are lit up, scream like...


Let the beat ride like that
Ya I'm a thunderbird never comin' back
Thunder in the trunk, thunder in the dope sack
I ---Serve 'em up, thunder in the dope raps
Boom ---Big Lac's in the tall grass
Sit with the tires flat,
Real good price, buddy, you should buy that
Blink and you might pass, my town
Hole in the wall king, my crown
Oh, but of all things, my sound
Is picking up like a 30 mile long train
Slow climb up but song a long gain
So how did I become a pick of all names?
What a fairy tale, like Ichabod Crane
The headless horseman runnin' untamed like...