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Icon For Hire Get Well Lyrics

Last updated: 06/28/2012 10:41:31 PM

We throw tantrums like parties
We're not happy till everyone knows we're sick
And that's just how we like it
We've hurt bad enough, right, we've earned it

Don't tell the others but it's all getting old
I mean how many more times must our stories be told?
And being lonely's only fun in a group
It sort of loses it's charm when it's true
I meant it when I said I wanna get well, I wanna get well
Are the rest of you so content, stay where you are but it hurts like hell
And I'm sure it's fun at first, test your pulse and check your vitals
If it's only a game you lost me, I quit it with the suicidal recital

So now you know all my secrets
I want out, I know I don't need this
Can you find me friends that don't rank me on what I've been through
The more battle scars the more attention it gets you

Yeah we should've known it would end this way
What did you expect, pretend it all away
And all we've got left is a sorry pile of hearts
I'm getting out, gonna write myself a new start
Come on dry your eyes, meet me on the other side
Run as fast as you can and we'll make it out alive
We know better now, we don't have to live like this
Go tell them all we don't have to live like this
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