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Get Scared Cheap Tricks And Theatrics Album

Last updated: 01/17/2013 11:08:44 AM

Release Date: 08/07/2009
Tracks in Cheap Tricks And Theatrics: Setting Yourself Up For Sarcasm, Lock The Doors, The Finer Things, If Only She Knew Voodoo Like I Do, You Are What You Are, The Blackout, Dance With The Dead, Not At All, Misfortunate (Let's Talk), Dead Or Alive, We Won't Give Up

Cheap Tricks And Theatrics Album Tracklist

Length : 19:43
Genre : Alternative rock, experimental rock, post-hardcore
Label : Self-released
Released : August 7, 2009
December 19, 2011 (Cheap Tricks and Theatrics B-Sides)

Cheap Tricks and Theatrics is the debut EP by American rock band Get Scared. The EP was released on August 7, 2009 and was self-released by the band before signing with Universal Motown Records. The band later released an EP titled "Cheap Tricks and Theatrics B-Sides" on December 19, 2011, which composed of the first 6 songs the band ever recorded. From Wikipedia