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Alexandra Stan Get Back (ASAP) Lyrics

Last updated: 03/09/2013 07:10:30 AM

Baby dive with me
And feel the waves
Baby come with me
Fall into place
Fall in place

You will watch bikinis on top
See my sexy bikinis will drop
Tick tack to
Don't play me, I won't stop
Tonight I'll make you mine

Boy you make me high
Get back a-s-a-p
Thanks to Rex for submitting Get Back (ASAP) Lyrics.
Producer MediaPro Music Entertainment, Mediascope
Released 19 March 2011
Writer(s) Andrei Nemirschi, Marcel Prodan
Format CD, digital download
Length 3:29 (radio edit) 2:12 (UK radio edit)
Label Play On / Jeff Records
Recorded 2011
Genre Eurodance, house

"Get Back (ASAP)" is an up-tempo song by Romanian recording artist Alexandra Stan, released in 2011. It serves as her third single in Romania and as her second single in countries such as Belgium, France and Italy. It is the follow-up to "Mr. Saxobeat" which was Stan's first hit outside Romania, topping the Italian charts and being a Top 3 hit in the UK as well. The song and accompanying video relates the resuming of the events from "Mr. Saxobeat". The video was shot in April and May and premiered on June 6, 2011 on YouTube. It was filmed in a Mexican saloon and Stan changes between three outfits throughout the video. "Get Back (ASAP)" is due to be released in the UK shortly. The song has peaked at number-eighteen on the French Singles Chart after a run of almost twenty weeks aboard the chart. In Romania the song peaked at number four within the Romanian Top 100. It has also charted in Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia and the United Kingdom. (From Wikipedia)