Gerry Rafferty Lyrics

The classic pop song had no greater ambassador throughout
the 1970s than Gerry Rafferty.

Ironically the greatest charge to his work was when he was
battling the music business - the innate fire and passion
of the Scotsman pouring forth on the cool, manipulative
machinations of the record industry in London; it was a
classic 'city to city' confrontation, a fact which he
readily acknowledged in the title of his most successful

But if Gerry Rafferty was often his own worst enemy then
the beneficiaries were a growing army of More...

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Review about Gerry Rafferty songs
Baker Street review! | Reviewer: Daisy Mae Young
    ------ About the song Baker Street performed by Gerry Rafferty

I love the lyrics of this song! It's my favorite song of all time! It's a true classic song. The woman can't change him and make him style down for her. He's a 'Rollin' stone' a rover in other words. I knew a guy like this back in high school. I used to think I could change him, never did. I left him! I love how honest Gerry Rafferty is about things in this song. He actually did some jail time, he said so himself. I recommend it to anyone who loves true classic rock!!

awesome Gerry rafferty | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Right Down the Line performed by Gerry Rafferty

I have loved this song from the day I first heard it. Simple lyrics that say so much. Most people can relate to it in some way or another. Can anyone tell me a better British artist than the late,great and much missed Mr Rafferty. Before any response listen to his work and I doubt if you could find anyone to fill his shoes.

Home | Reviewer: Bee
    ------ About the song The Ark performed by Gerry Rafferty

I've been listening to Gerry Rafferty since Baker Street almost 40 years ago! His voice ironically brings me home every time, even when the lyrics are taking us away somewhere ....

Jars of clay cover | Reviewer: scott
    ------ About the song Baker Street performed by Gerry Rafferty

check on youtube for jars of clay cover for baker street way better than any other cover ive heard hehehehe:) they use a four beat rock rythym and heavy overdrive for guitars and base making the song sound harder and more alive

A beautiful song with simple lyrics | Reviewer: Thom
    ------ About the song Baker Street performed by Gerry Rafferty

While this is one of the most beautiful and haunting songs written recently - again proof that 'pop' music can be as wonderful as anything 'classical' (and I love that music too), the lyrics are simple.

Take a walk down Baker Street - or get off at the tube station there. It is a borderland between the London the world sees and its suburbs and the country beyond. And it is "a light in his place" not a "lad in his place". Alcohol clearly plays a part in the song, but the song is not sexual, much more emotional, and deep emotions about wanting more than the streets of gold London and the dream world beyond seems to offer. Now re-read the lyrics. A tired man, from an industrial town in Scotland, who's dreams are being pulled apart, coming back to talk through the night with a friend (and a bottle or too).

I've been there, had too much booze, and tried and cried; now a lot older and maybe a little wiser. I've also tried the bit of land bit. (Didn't work out).

I love this song and I know a lot of people understand exactly what Mr. Rafferty says.... And the sax solo - well it tops it off.

In 100 years time I think this song will survive, along with the best of some others. It might be a specialist taste, but 3 generations hence lets see!

Dreary & overplayed | Reviewer: Sean
    ------ About the song Baker Street performed by Gerry Rafferty

Hate this song with a passion. When I was a kid I liked the guitar solo because it sounded like Ace Frehley (didn't know any better than to be a Kiss fan like most other 70's kids), now it sounds so cliche. Yeah and the Foo Fighters' cover sucks too (done "loud-quiet-loud" style, no longer a novelty since it's NOT 1990 ANYMORE).

Financial Peace | Reviewer: CJ
    ------ About the song Baker Street performed by Gerry Rafferty

This song plays as the into to Dave Ramsey's radio program. He himself was in bad strights and figured out how to get out. It makes me sad because I am trying hard to get out of my mess and then I hear this song played by a guy who's been there but from the other side.

Telling my life with his song | Reviewer: Jim Placzek
    ------ About the song The Ark performed by Gerry Rafferty

In 1966 I walked down to the harbour in Montreal and found four ships ready to sail and needing crew. I wanted to go to Europe, but none were going there, so I took a Danish ship to Australia. Spent eight years in Asia and made a career of studying Southeast Asia. I want this song sung at my funeral.

Genius | Reviewer: Fro
    ------ About the song Big Change in the Weather performed by Gerry Rafferty

When I first heard this, I assumed it was about one of his exes, and comparing their actions to a 'change in the weather'. It seemed rather shallow and repetitive after the first time, but then I realized something: it's not comparing his ex to the weather, he's comparing the weather to an ex!
He's singing about the first rain after a long period of nice weather. When he says "I knew you'd spit it out some day", mentions that he was expecting the weather to spit out rain eventually. The whole thing is an extended metaphor in reverse.
Gerry you genius

Such a sad song... | Reviewer: Andy Tong
    ------ About the song Baker Street performed by Gerry Rafferty

I was eight when this song came out and, as someone else said above, the words made me feel sad even though I loved the song. They still make me sad to this day. For me these lyrics carry a sense of great loss and loneliness.

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